TDS Return Due Date

Aashish Jain (Student) (103 Points)

23 June 2009  

Hi All,

Could anyone pls. share his/her knowledge as to what is the last date for submission of TDS return Form 26Q for Q4-2008-09??? The premise behind asking this is that as per the amendment made by the Finance Act 2008 u/s 40a(ia), all expenses on which TDS is to be deposited (basically 194C, H, I & J) will be allowable or deductible if the same is deposited in the govt. a/c till the last of filing return u/s 139(1).....So, if that is the case then suppose TDS pertaining to a particular expense is deposited on 30/9/ in that case can we file 26Q till 15/10/2009??? I hope my question is clear to all. What will be the applicable Interest/Penalty, if any.

Awaiting ur reply.

Aashish Jain