Ankur Agrawal (CS, CA Final) (239 Points)

29 August 2009  

"Think for the best ...u will get atleast better". I always follow this rule, but this time something more was happened, "i thought for best and got best". I topped CS PROFESSIONAL PROGRAME (CS FINAL) and GOT "15" All INDIA RANK.

I am basically a CA student and cleared my CA Inter. One of my teacher, who teached me accounts in CA foundation, advise me to do another cource (ie CS) together with CA. I found this  an attractive adivse  nd got excited and with immediate effect, i registerd myself in cs cource. I still remember that day   when i approched CS Institute with DD and registration form without the permission and consultation of my family members. This was, my decesion to do CS and i haven't share this with anyone except some frds. i told them after one month of registration.
I studied foundation almost 10 -15 days (effectively) and cleared ,
 i studied inter about 1.5-2  months and cleared and at last CS final took my  2-3 months and gave me such a wonderfull return in form OF MERIT. I haven't took any tutions for CS.
In MY OPINION  'SELF CONFIDANCE' &  'PRESENCE OF MIND' while writing CS EXAMS were the basic keys to clear them. We can't ignore other factors like hard working, dedication towards studies, etc. 
This was My biggest dream after 12th, k i found palce on the front page of newspaper, today  god fullfils my this dream. My next step is to take crash courses of TAX ( CA,CS, CWA ) for WEAK AND POOR students.
Regards :
Ankur Agrawal
"csankuragrawal @"