Stat audit- begineer- please help me

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25 February 2013  

Hello seniors and experts,

I got into Statutory audit deprtment as articled assistant in one of the big firm in Bangalore.. My reporting date is on friday..So i have 3days for preparation.. I like accounts very much hence i chose SA department. My questions are..

1. i want to perform well but how to perform well ?? I dont know how exactly it works.. I mean audit of companies..

2. i dont  know how audit is being done in tally!! i only know vouching in tally.. Now what to do?? i m litttle week in tally

3. Should i read something about SA and BANK AUDIT in these 3 days??

4. Is there any book which will help me to perform well  in SA audit??

5. what will I be asked to do during intial days?? So that i can prepare now itself.. PLease suggest me some ideas..