Something about CS Training Preparation!!!

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Something about CS Training Preparation!!!


Hello Friends,


Through this brief write up I would like to discuss some of the basic needs and pre-requisites of CS Training. Many times a question strikes the mind of a prospective CS trainee regarding the list of general and typical questions that can be asked in a 15 month training interview in a company.



Just for reference I would like to share a link which is connected with one of my old Article on Training…as am sure that the points raised are relevant:





According to me following points are very important to be kept in mind, for a CS students while appearing for Company Secretary Training interview:


Company Selection:


Basic understanding about the company is must. I mean you have to be very careful while choosing your company. Focus on business of the company along with your proposed profile. There is no need to hurry…simply take your time and explore your interest.


Kindly observe the points mentioned below for successful interview and training:


1. Small research about the company or firm is very much desired.


2. Get ready with a realistic Resume. According to me your resume should be simple and impressive.  One more thing should be taken care of is that you should possess the requisite knowledge of all things that you have mentioned in your resume.


3. Needless to say confidence is the key. Just be confident while appearing for the interview and just be yourself and do not try to copy anyone else.


4. Workout on your basics as most of the questions are field based. Here I would advise you to prepare the following things for CS Trainee Interview:




1. Read the topic of incorporation of company and ROC e-forms.

2. What are the basics of MCA e-filing. For more info regarding this kindly check

3. maintenance of statutory records in a company

4. Basic information about General and Board meeting along with type of resolutions.



Also prepare Basic sections:

A.) Sections 163, 205, 292A, 293, 295, 297, 299, 314, 269, 309, 310, 372A

B.) Rules for issuing Share Certificate, share transfer are also very imp keeping in view the day to day working of

C.) Circular Resolution u/s 192A for General Meetings and u/s 289 for Board Meetings. Resolutions requiring unanimous approval.

D.) Listing Agreements along with basic understanding of Corporate Governance. Thorough knowledge of Listing Agreements is must for an interview in a Listed Company along with compliances like filing of Share Holding pattern, Corporate Governance Report, SEBI Declarations (SEBI Takeover and Insider Trading etc)

E.) SEBI - SAST, Delisting Rules and connected compliances and quarterly and Annual compliances.



One more thing keep yourself updated with latest amendments and trends. Your confidence, positive attitude and ability to work as a team should be bang on target. Also prepare yourself ready to work under pressure. You know this is something I have experienced personally. So there is nothing to fear…but avoid overconfidence.


Well I hope the above points will help you in one way or the other…Would request you to please share your thoughts.


Best Regards

Ankur Garg

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Company Secretary & Compliance Officer


Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Thank you...Please add something regarding what to read and prepare for CS training Interview...i know it's a bit difficult for me to cover everything...



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Company Secretary and Compliance Officer



 Not my preparation


Question: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

The aim of this question is to test your foresightedness and also gauge if you plan for the future. Stick to professional goals and aspirations while answering. The interviewer does not want to hear about a dream vacation you plan to take, or the industry you would like to be in. Talk about company related objectives. This is an opportunity for you to show that you want to succeed in the company and are keen on creating a career path there.


Sample answer: As your company has a strong performance-based culture, in five years I see myself playing a key role of Brand Manager, working on your marketing initiatives.


Question: Why should we hire you?

Being specific and highlighting your strengths versus the competition is the key here. Stay away from generalities like 'I am the best' or 'I am very hard working and dedicated', etc. Talk in quantifiable terms that will make you stand out and pinpoint the qualities you have that are valuable to the company. Give real examples that show them you are best-suited for the job.


Sample answer: In the past, I have implemented projects on attrition management, helping bring down employee turnover rates by 4 per cent. I believe this experience and knowledge will add value as employee retention is amongst your company's top priorities.


Question: What if you don't make it in this interview?

This is often used as a stress question to check your spontaneity. The idea is to see if you have a back up plan and how you handle rejection. You need to be assertive and confident while answering this question. You can say you will be disappointed, adding that you will continue to move ahead in your career with the same enthusiasm and vigor.


Sample answer: I will be disappointed if that happens, but will work on specific feedback and try again when the opportunity presents itself.


Question: Why do you want to make a career in ... (Sales, IT, HR, etc)?

The interviewer wants to learn what you know about the chosen career. Knowledge about the domain and the job shows the interviewer you are interested and demonstrates initiative on your part.


Sample answer: I have always been a people's person and counseling is a skill that comes naturally to me. Armed with a Master's degree in HR, I believe a job as an HR executive will give me an opportunity to put my natural skill sets and education to practice.

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Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

In my opinion before facing interview for a CS Trainee one should keep in mind following:-


1. First of all be Confidend (not need to say).


2.Be clear what is written in your resume, it should be clear and complete. Becasue your resume is your first impression.


3. Not try to learn the sections, just have an idea and your concept must be clear...


4. Following may be asked:-

Basics on Incorporation



Type of company and its requirements


Board Meeting


General Meeting


Quorum of Meeting


About Listing Agreement, Clause 41, 49 are very important


Directors Appointment (Casual, Alternate and Additional)




Signing of Minutes


Format of Resolution and its basics


Type of Resolution required




Basics of filing e forms.

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Helping All

wow..great work

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Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

That's the spirit !!! Awesome....valid points as expected....

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Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing


thanks very much to both Ankur sir..........


Thank you very much Sirs... it would be a great help for students like me.



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