SSA JI (Ca Final ) (1970 Points)

31 January 2010  
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  • Learn to strike a balance between work and play. Study very seriously but allot sometime for any leisure activity that makes you feel relaxed.

  • Aim for a rank. That way you will at least get through with good marks.

  • Remember hard work always yields good results.

  • Start your preparations from Day One.

  • Plan out your study methodology well in advance and stick to your plans. Keep enough time for unexpected time delays.

  • Read the study materials in entirety. Don't leave out any portion.

  • Concentrate on the subjects that you find difficult.

  • Make notes that will help you to quickly cover the vast syllabus on the day before the exam.

  • Make writing a habit. And write legibly.

  • Get enough practice in practical subjects.

  • Don't learn the study material word-by-word. Instead try to understand what you read. This will help you in answering any type of question that is asked in the exam.

  • Don't expect a specific format of the question paper. A professional exam of such calibre. Just keep in mind the marks allotted to each subject - because that's what will not change.

  • Presentation is what matters most. Present your answers in a neat and systematic manner. Remember, the easier it is for the examiner to read your answers, the more marks you get.

  • Read a lot of related material like newspapers, periodicals, magazines, etc so that your knowledge is updated. This will help you get better marks in the exam.

    So, here's wishing you the best of luck in your forthcoming exam.