smile till your death!!!!!!

Himanshu grover (c.a. final) (375 Points)

25 September 2009  


The moment when we came out of our mothers’ womb, our first reaction was, we cried, except some exceptional who laugh but it mostly happens in movies.. From that period of time our real life started. Our struggle to leave our life has begun. In that small age we didn’t knew when to laugh, when to cry. We just went on to leave our life till our mid age. Because, our parents guided us.
We went to nursery where we cried a lot, because we didn’t like new people, the environment of that teaching, infect, we didn’t felt like studying. Because, it was playing age. But after some as we became grown up child, we started understanding importance of our life. Those moments are amazing when we are with our friends, we laugh in every joke, in our precious moment. We try never to get sad or cry. Because we leave one life, so leave with smile but not with tears.
Yes, sometime few moments come in front of our eyes, where these moments make us sad. When people who are close to us pass away, naturally we won’t laugh at that moment. But, we can’t help everyone who has born in this earth has to die, that’s the law of life. Tears rolls over our eyes. But after some time we try to delete those moments. One question comes into our mind. Is that, why and how we try to forget those sad moments. The one answer in which I believe is that, happiness, that’s the reason which forces us to forget those moments and we live our life further.
The precious memories in our life like, the first gift which we get from our parents in our first birthday, when we go for an outing with our friends, when we get our first job and our first salary, when we live our precious moment with our life partner. All these moments makes us happy.
But at the moment when we die, we recollect all those sins, all those good moments all those people who are close to us and those who were close to us, and some tears come out of our eyes. But still we smile at that moment and thank god, by giving us a chance to live this life, to making us smile, by showing us the true meaning of life.
So guys, just keep smiling, even if you are sad, just try to recollect the happy moment and smile