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Share Market Terms-Definition and Meanings

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114102 Points)

22 December 2010  

Share Market Terms , Definition and Meaning - Alphabetical LISTING - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

Active Share
(A-D Index) Advance-Decline Index


Aging Schedule

AGM or Annual General Meeting

Annual Report
Asset Coverage
Asset Financing
Auction Market
Auctioning of an Issue
Automated Screen Trading (AST)


Averaging In/Averaging Out.
... more

B - Bad Delivery, Balance of Trade,Bear Cycle Bear Hammering, Bear Market, BSE Sensitive Index or SENSEX, Bullion, Buy and Hold Strategy, ........more

C - Call Money, Call Option,Capital Adequacy Norms, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Capital Market, Commodity, Correction, Cost-Benefit Analysis, CRISIL, Cum-Dividend (CD), Currency Options, Current Value Accounting (CVA), Cushion Theory ........more

D - Daily Margin,Debentures, Debt–Equity ratio, Dematerialization of Scripts (Demat), Derivative,Dow Jones Composite Average, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Theory, .....more

E - Earnings Yield, Economic Indicators, Efficient Market Hypothesis, Eligible Securities, Employee Buyout, Employee Participation, EPS or Earning Per Share, Equity Shareholders, Euro, Eurobond, Eurocurrency, Eurodollar, European Community, ..... more

F - Financial institution, Fixed Income Investments, Floating Stock,Floor Trader, Forward Trading, Forward Delivery, Forward Shares, Fully Paid Share Capital, Fundamental Analysis, Futures, Futures Contract, Futures Market. .....more

G -General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Geared Investment Trust, Glamour Shares, Gold Certificates, Golden Handcuffs, Good Delivery,,Graham and Dodd Strategy of Investment, Growth Shares, Glamour Issue. .....more

H - Havala or Hawala (also, Making Up Price) ,Hedging Against Inflation, Hemline Theory, Holding Period Return (HPR), Homemade Portfolio of Portfolios, Home Run, Horizontal Integration, Horizontal Price Movement, Hot Issue, Hot Money, House Rules, Hype .....more

I - IBRD, Imbalance of Orders, Income Shares, Income Tax Rebate, Index, Index Fund, Index Futures, Indexation, Indian Stock Exchanges, Industrials, Inefficient Market, Insider Trading, Insolvency, Institutional Investor, Intangible Assets, Interbank Market, Interest Rate Risk, International Finance Corporation, International Monetary Fund,Inventory Turnover, Inverted Yield Curve, Investment Analyst, Investment Club, Investment Company, Investment Company Shares (Close – Ended), Investment Company Shares (Open – Ended), Investment Horizon, Investment Letter, Investment Trust, Investor Protection, IPO, Irredeemable Debentures, Issue Price. .....more

J - Jobber or Taravaniwallah, Joint Holders, Joint Venture, Junk Bond. .....more

K - Key Indicators, Khoka, Kicker, Know Your Customer. .....more

L - Lady Macbeth Strategy, Laundering Money, Leading, conomic Indicators, Learning Lags,Leasing, Letter of Renunciation, Leverage, Liability, LIFO or Last In First Out, Limit Order, Limited Company, Limited Liability, Liquidation, Liquidation Payments, Liquidity, Liquidity Ratios, Listed Company, Listed Shares, Load, Load Fund, Loan Capital, Loan Syndication, Locked In, Locked–In Trade, Locked Market, Long Bonds or Long – Dated Bonds, Long Buy, Long Coupon, Long Position, Long Term, LSE. .....c

M - Macroeconomic Forecasts, Majority Shareholder , Make a Market, Making – up Price, Managed Fund, Managed Portfolio, Management Audit, Management Buy – in, Management Buy – out (MBO), Margin Account, Margin Buying, Margin Call, Market Capitalization, Market Indices, Market Lot, Market Price, Market Risk, Market Share, Market Tone, Marketable Securities, Mastershares, Match – making, Mega Issue, Merchant Bank, Merger, Microeconomic Analysis, Minimum Lending Rate, Minority Interest, Modern Portfolio Theory, Momentum Indicator, Money at Call and Short Notice, Money Market, Mutual Fund, Money Supply, Moving Average, Multinationals, Murphy’s Law, Mutual Funds, Marketable Issues.... .....more

N - Naive Buy – and – Hold Strategy, Naked Option, Naked Position, Narrowing the Spread, National Depository System, National Stock Exchange, NAV, Negative Equity, Negative Net Worth, Negotiable Instrument, Negotiability, New York Stock Exchange, Niche, Nifty, Non – Cumulative Preference Shares, Non – public Information, Non – Voting Shares, Numbered Account.... .....more

O - Odd Lot, Offer by Prospectus, Offer Document, On Stream, Open Economy, Open Offer, Open – End Fund,, Option, Options Contract, Option Holder, Option Money, Option Premium, Option Interest, OTCEI, or Over the Counter Exchange of India, Over the Counter Market of OTC Market, Overvalued Shares. .....more

P - Paid-up Capital, Paid-up Share, Panic Selling, Paper Loss, Paper Profit, Partial Delivery, Par Value, Pathfinder Prospectus, Payout Ratio, P/D Ratio, Penny Shares, Perfect Competition, Performance Stock, P/E Ratio or Price–Earnings Ratio, Pivotal Shares, Point, Portfolio, Portfolio Manager, Pre – acquisition Profit, Predator, Preference Shares, Preferential Allotment, Premium, Premium Issue, Premium Raid, Price Gap, Primary Market, Private Placement, , Prudence Concept, PTI Sto cks can, Public Limited Company, Public Offering, Punter,Put Bonds, Pyramiding, Pyramid Investment. .....more

Q - Qualified Accounts or Report, Qualifying Shares, Quantitative Analysis, Quick Assets Ratio, Quoted Company, Quoted Price, Quoted Shares. .....more

R - Radar Alert, Raider,Ratio Analysis, Ratio Writer,Real Assets, Real Interest, Rate,Recapitalization, Recovery Stock, Refinancing, Regional Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Companies, Reinvestment Plan, Repurchase Agreement, Reserves, Residual Value, Return on Capital Employed or ROCE, Revenue Items, Reverse Merger, Rights Issue, Rising Bottoms,Risk Average,Roll Over, Roll – Over CD, Round Lot, Rubber Cheque .....more

S -Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Selling Out, Selling Short, Sentiment Indicators, Settlement Date, Shakeout, Share, Share Capital, Share Certificate, Shareholder, Shareholders’ Equity, Shareholders’ Rights, Share Premium, Short Hedge, Spot Delivery, Standard & Poor’s Composite Index, Statutory Liquidity Ratio, Staying Power, Step Discount Bond, Stock Broker, Stock Dividend, Stock Exchange, Stockinvest, Stock Option, Stock Splits, Stock Watering, Stop Loss, Stop Order, Switch Order, Swot Analysis, Systematic Risk. .....more

T - Tailgating, Take Delivery, Takeover, Target Price, Tax – Exempt Bonds, Technical Analysis, Technical Correction, Term Discount Bonds, Term Shares, Thin Capitalization, Tiger Markets, Turnkey Project, Turnover, Two – Tier Tender Offer. .....more

U - Unappropriated Profit, Unbundling, Undermargined Account, Undersubscriptttion, Undervalued Shares, Underwriter, Unissued Share Capital, Unit Trust of India or UTI, Unlisted Share, Unlisted Shares, Valuation of, Unloading, Unmatched Transactions, Unofficial Premium, Unsystematic Risk, Unsecured Debt, Unsecured Debenture, Unrealized Profit or Loss. .....more

V - Value Added, Valuation Reserve, Value Investment, Variability of Return, Venture Capital, Vertical Integration, Vertical Line Charting, V Formation, Volatile, Volatile Shares, Voluntary Liquidation, Voting Shares. .....more

W - Waiting Period, Wallflower Stocks, Wall Street Journal, Warehousing, Wash Sale, Watered Stock, Weak Market, Wedge, Weighted Average, Weighted Ballot, Whipsawed, W Formation, Wholesale Market, Wide Opening, Widow and Orphan Stock, Window Dressing, Wire House, Working Control. .....more

Y - Yield Advantage, Yield Curve, Yield Gap, Yield Spread, Yield to Maturity. .....more

Z - Zero – Coupon Bond, Zero – Rated Debentures, Zurich Axioms. .....more



Source: https://www.sharemarketbasics.com/Terms/index.php

 15 Replies

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 22 December 2010

Very Informative post sir.


Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (16295 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Originally posted by : SAN...

Very Informative post sir.


Nikhil Kothari (Chief Consultant at Nikhil & Naresh Auditors & Consultants)   (4466 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Originally posted by : SAN...

Very Informative post sir.


CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Very informative Sir as always

Bala (Student) (478 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Wow.....thats all i can say... thnx sir i have bookmarked..

Lakshmi (Student) (1835 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Originally posted by : Pulkit Gupta

Very informative Sir as always

sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Thanks for another dictionary in the Forum

Sunshine (Helping All) (10575 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

thank u sir for this excellent post.......

Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Very great sir, thanku sir, amazing notes of share market terms, i am also intersted about share market

ANIL KUMAR (Qualified CA Qualified CWA)   (138 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

thank You Very Very Very Much

Misha (CCI STUDENT.....) (773 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Originally posted by : Sneha.... sunshine

thank u sir for this excellent post.......


B. Umapathy (student) (405 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010


Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Originally posted by : Sneha.... sunshine

thank u sir for this excellent post.......

CA Sandeep Kumar (Audit Assistant) (804 Points)
Replied 23 December 2010

Hello members

One of my relative is trading in derivatives and i managed to get statements from them. There are two statements, one is ''Client wise global net position (Cash cumulatives)'' and ''Client wise global net position (derivative cumulatives)''. The statement consists of items of purchase and sale. I wanted to know more details as to what the statement is all about, and profit/loss as indicated in the statement, will it be taxed. Or is there any other adjustment to be made??

Have posted the same query in income tax category also..

PLease reply..

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