Self study books ca final?

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Hi please suggest me books for self study for complete concept clarity for all subjects of CA Final.

My attempt is May 2014, hence I have enough time for preparation.

Thanks in advance.


Hey prerna please find attached document that includes list of books for reference for finals issued by the CA institute.

have a look ....


Attached File : 833354 987877 list of books for finals reference .xls downloaded 187 times

As per me,I have also done self study (except DT),followings books are good for conceptual clarity:

FR- MP Vijay kumar

SFM- JB gupta or Ashish Kalra

Audit- VK aggarwal and DS rawat for SAs

Law- Munish Bhandari's text book,for 3rd reading onwards,the handbook

Costing-CD vashisht

ISCA- ICAI module and PM

DT- I referred to VG sir's modules and if you have time and energy to go through all of them,you can do them too

IDT- Bangar and Ajay jain


Chartered Accountant and CS Prof.

Financial Reporting - Dont follow books, if possible -- Only refer class notes of any good teacher, arrange class notes from your friend (atleast for Holding, Amalgamation and Valuation). Better arrange Praveen Sharma Class Notes (For miscellaneous topics and AS You may refer M P Vijay Kumar/Padhuka) .

SFM - J B Gupta book with DVD Lactures. .

Audit - Padhuka for important and practical topics (For other portion you may refer surbhi bansal) .

Law - Munish Bhandari Handbook (Plus Padhuka for detailed study, if you have sufficient time).

AMA / Costing - Padhuka (or PC Tulsian if you need detailed book) plus Study Material and Practice Manual (It is better prepare your own notes for theory portion).

ISCA - Manish Valechha ISCA Book plus and Practice Manual (The best book ever released for this subject, The book is a short version of study material, covers all, topics.. also includes examples, diagrams, memory codes....) refer Study Material if you have sufficient time but not actually reuired. Use with practice manual only, .

Direct Taxes - T.N. Manoharan Plus Summary Module of Vinod Gupta (Prepare notes for lengthy and typical portion, if possible).

Indirect Taxes - N S Govindan or rafi for Concepts (Padhuka or Banger for detailed Study and past exam questions)



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