Schedule CFL in ITR2

Abhishek Chaudhary (1 Points)

04 December 2021  

Hi all,

I am trying to fill ITR2 usin the offline utility (Version 1.0.23) with the following scenario (amounts are fictitious, but representative of the issue):

* Short term capital loss from earlier years ( @  applicable rates): Rs. 5000

* Short term capital loss from earlier years ( @ 15%): Rs. 10000

Now, I have capital gains of Rs. 20000 ( @ applicable rates) and capital ains ( @ 15%) of Rs. 7500 in current year.


While filing these details in schedule CFL, I only have a single option for entering capital losses. It does not ask for the tax rate at which the losses were accrued.

How do I fill the right details in this case? If I enter Rs. 15000 as losses from earlier years (The total of STCL), then the utility offsets all of it against tax at applicable rates.

Effectively, I end up paying less tax, and the calculation is incorrect.

Please uide on entering the right details for my case.