Sba 2013


28 January 2013  


Friends pl  up date   if any thing  comes within your knowlwedge  on SBA 2013


Increase in Advamce limits of PSU Bank branches to be audited 2012-2013 


ca news by   c.a. c.v pawar


Past president  Mr Amarjit Chopra informed that   list of  various firms  to be allotted  statutory branch audit has been forwarded by  RBI to banks with thershold limit as 20 crores ---  Number of Branch audit to come down drastically 

 C A  C.V pawar had also talked to couple of council members who confirmed this - The news was known to them 20 days before , it is said ---  However we  became aware of this only because of the communication by CA Amarjit Chora

It is also said that the council members re trying to reduce the limit as it was done last year - How ever time is too much late and there are less possibilities of change or reversl of decision



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