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thanks a lot sheli for ur very quick response....

further to ask you:

1) no the private institute is not providing any certification only a sap project it worth it?

2) icai have not mentioned any time frame of the course , and what as per ur experiance , can we pass this certification exam easily or do we need to put in efforts like an ca this exams tough?

3) according to u how many days/months it takes to complete this icai course...bcoz icai have not stated this in its notification mail..

thank you

SAP Business Consultant

1) I think you can find other cheaper institutes with the same agenda. But yes I would suggest you go for ICAI's course as it will give you certification also (earlier it was 96000 only and I used to wonder how ICAI can manage 35000 of certification fee with tuition charges in this meagre amount)


2) The certification exam is not that tough its just like passing correspondence MBA paper. Though you have to concerntrate for atleaast one month.


3) I think you should call up at the institute helpline for further details of the course. I am myself not familar with the time duration of the course.



Sheli Sehrawat


Dear Madam

Iam a CA-Inter  working as an accountant in Muscat.I have 8 years experience in the field of accounts,audit & taxation.

Iam trying to find a job in India.I would like to do a certification course in SAP FICO.Could you pls tell me  the job prospects of this course if iam trying to get a job as a consultant or as a member in the core finance team in a good IT company.

I dont have any prior experience in ERP.Is it necessary to have an ERP experience to do Online training from an authorised institute?.

Pls provide your valuable suggestions.



SAP Business Consultant

Hi Santosh,


Job prospects in SAP ERP are very good. You can refer to my earlier answers in this article and to various posts for further clarification.

go through this answer: /forum/sap-fico-for-cas-188203.asp


Prior ERP experience can be compromised by the companies if you have good domain knowledge. In your case, 8 years of experience is a good enough factor for SAP opportunity. My suggestion will be to first try in IT companies offering SAP consultancy before going for certification. As far as my experience goes, If you put in good efforts, you will find an SAP job even without getting certification.


Further, It is not necessary to have prior ERP experience to get training in authorised institutes.



Sheli Sehrawat

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Associate Consultant

Hi Sheli,

Hope you are doing good.

i am working in the same profile as yours' in Infosys.

However i am not sure abt the future prospects of this particular profile.

Further after a period of time say a Year or 2. wht profiles is left open with us to switch(If we wanna switch).

And would we able to start our own consultancy in SAP FICO after a certain time gap.

Thanks and regards

Ketan Kothari

SAP Business Consultant

Hi Ketan,

I am doing good. Thanks. Good to know that you are in the same profile.


Yes after spending longer durations (more than 2 years), you don't have much options left to switch over. But then this is the case with almost all the profiles a CA can handle. Be it Internal Audit, Stat Audit, Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation, everybody tends to freeze in the same profile after spending significant time. However for us, following are the options which are always open:

1. In Finance and Accounts Dept of an ERP oriented Organisation

2. In IT Risk Assurance team of Big 4 firms

3. Open a freelancing SAP consultancy

4. Become an SAP trainer

There might be more options but currently these are a few i can identify.



Sheli Sehrawat

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Dear ICAI Members,


WE Excel Edutech Pvt. Ltd(Authorized SAP Education Partner) wishes to Inform you that registrations for SAP ERP Course conducted by the IT Committee of the ICAI in tie up with M/s SAP India Pvt. Ltd. has been Started again.

There are two courses, SAP ERP Financial Accounting and SAP ERP Management Accounting and fees for each course is Rs 142875/- (including taxes and one time certification fees) as against the market price of Rs 209570 /- (
including taxes and one time certification fees).

All the fees has to be paid in the form of Crossed Demand Draft in favour of "Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India" payable at Delhi.

The Announcement is available with the link.

Please feel free to contact us @ 9216800114
student/CA Final & B.Com.

Hi, I am a CA Final Student for Nov 2013 attempt, I wish to join SAP-FI Course, but i am not sure if I should go SAP in prequalification or post qualification ............... please help on this.............. describing benifits from both the options..........


Associate Consultant


you have your CA final due in Nov,13 and in the mean time you have your also.

In addition to above you have your articleship too.

My personal opinion would be concentrate on academics, articleship and complete your CA.

SAP fico tarining requires many buisness process & Domain knowledge which we learn in Final.

If you do it now u would need to spend money form your own pocket and after your qualification you can join companies who will train you out themselves.

If you do it prior to your qualification you will have to take out time for the SAP FICO training from your busy schedule and this would hamper your daily schedule and even the cost is quite high.


Ketan Kothari

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SAP Business Consultant

Dear VS,


I think you are going good as of now. Plan a very smooth and achievable career path for yourself. Devote your 100% time and energy to the task at hand and don't bother about the rest untill they are due.

These are your plus and minus points if you chose to go for SAP certification pre-qualification



1. You will have an edge in campus interviews (very meagre though because the higher weightage is for the number of attempts you take in CA final)

2. In your articleship, the course will help you to analyse the client's system thoroughly (if at all SAP is installed there) during audits

3. You will have time before the interviews to practise and learn more functionalities (if at all you are dedicated enough)



1. You will pay more than 3.5 lakhs for both FI and CO modules. Individually, more than 2 lakhs.

2. You will not be able to resonate and comprehend the scenarios in the system untill you have some finance and accounts related experience of a company.

3. Chances are that you will forget the whole thing before the actual implementation of the same ( when you join a company after your finals) because SAP terminology is different and how settings are mapped is a bit complex. It needs continuous practise and effort to be able to answer questions about a certain process.

 4. The time you will devote in SAP will certainly reduce the time you devote in your CA Final studies. This is the biggest minus because scoring the best in CA Final matters the most currently.

5. If, after qualification, you wish to go into an audit/taxation profile then this course may not help you much in getting a job. In that case it will be a sheer wastage of money.


I would also like to add here that most of the times more than you, it your luck which decides what profile you will work into. Also, with experience as we move ahead, our thoughts tend to change and you might end up liking other profile. So, its a risk taking this course as of now


The minuses here will become the pluses of doing the course after getting qualified.


All the best for whatever you do.


Thanks & Regards

Sheli Sehrawat

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