Sachin Tendulkar: As inspirational Role model

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114773 Points)

31 December 2010  

Dear Friends,


As we all know few days back i.e. on December 19, 2010 our Sachin has completed his 50th Test Century and become the first one to achieve this milestone in Test Cricket. Milestone bola to….Half Century of Century and that too in Test Cricket. Indeed a great moment for every Indian. Isn’t it? We all consider him as a role model and want to become like him in our respective fields. Here we must analyse his dedication and effort for his game, then only we can expects the same level of success in our life.


Now the question arise can we learn something fruitful and valuable from Sachin?? See friends my answer to this question is in Yes…Well this is something very important and valuable for all of us. According to me it’s high time for all of us to learn something from Sachin Tendulkar…. Oh I’m Sorry… The Master blaster – The Living Legend of the cricket Sachin Tendulkar who has created history by making the first ever 50 test century ever in Cricket World.


BOUNCER----(Ab cricket hai to game main Bouncer or Googly to honga hi….true na !!!)


I know your question would be----



Now come on --- how can Sachin Help us in our Study, career or Life?


Well guys am not saying that Sachin is gonna help us directly in our study or career. But indirectly he can be a great source of Inspiration and we can learn lots of things from him. What say?? As per my vision all we can learn from Sachin is:


1. The Focus: We can’t deny the importance of Focus in our life or mission…Can we?? We have to adopt a bit focused approach to succeed.


2. The Determination: Another important aspect of success is determination towards your goal your faith in your goal and objective.


3. The Hunger towards ones passion: Another important aspect of life…Now who can be better person than sachin to explain and depict the importance of Hunger towards your passion. This is the secret behind his continued success.



4. The Crystal Clear Vision: To succeed in life and in your mission you should be a visionary. A confused mind is a kind of restriction in your success. You can also co-relate this point with your confidence and trust on your life objective. Your vision must be clear to achieve what you want to achieve.  








5. The Commitment towards your goal: Commitment is indeed a very wide term. Commitment is really an essential part of life. In study, personal life, relations…I mean everywhere commitment is must. As per my simple thinking if you are committed to a particular goal and strive to achieve the same with your honest efforts, then you’ll definitely succeed one day.   




6. The Humbleness: Last but certainly not the least---Sachin ki humbleness ka baara main jitna likho utna kam hai….i mean humbleness is something very necessary for true praise. A person who is not humble in his/her behavior with others --- spoils his success sooner or later. In the cricket field there are lot of incidents of wrong decisions against Sachin but he hardly reacted to all this. I think it is enough to explain the importance of humbleness in real life especially the question is how to win the heart of other person.    




Oya Teri ya kya….ya to six (6) points ho gaya…. means----




SIXER ON BOUNCER….Kya baat…. Kya baat !!!


On a serious note I personally feel that above qualities are really essential for anyone to succeed in life or in other words the above must be there to be a sound and successful human being and we have a living legend amongst us who is blessed with the above said qualities.





Guys Do not be afraid of failure bcoz in the words of Sachin “sometimes you succeed and sometimes you failed….but the most important thing is the effort and your passion towards your goal”.




In the end before winding up this article I would like to thank Sachin for such a great source of inspiration for all of us. We wish Sachin Tendulkar for this great success and hope that he achieves some more milestones in his career and continued to be the diamond and pride of India.




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