High Time to Learn from Sachin Tendulkar !!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114743 Points)

20 December 2010  

Dear Friends,


Well this is something very important and valuable for all of us. Now it’s high time for all of us to learn something from Sachin Tendulkar…. Oh I’m Sorry… The Master blaster – The Living Legend of the cricket Sachin Tendulkar who has created history by making the first ever 50 test century ever in Cricket World.




Now come on --- Now how can Sachin Help us in our Study, career or Life?


Well guys Sachin is not gonna help us directly in our study or career. But indirectly he can be a great source of Inspiration. All we can learn from Sachin is:


1. The Focus


2. The Determination


3. The Hunger towards ones passion


4. The Crystal Clear Vision


5. The Commitment towards your goal


6. The Humbleness



According to me above qualities are really essential for anyone to succeed in life and we have a living legend amongst us who is blessed with the above said qualities.


Guys Do not be afraid of failure bcoz in the words of Sachin “sometimes you succeed and sometimes you failed….but the most important thing is effort and your passion towards your goal”.





We wish Sachin Tendulkar for this great success and hope that he achieves some more milestones in his career.




Best Regards