S b a 2016


06 August 2015  

Welcome  Back  Every body 


We shared lot of informations last time  through   Sba 2015  . I feel that this should be continued  further  to  sharpen ourselves  with  more  knowledge and skills ,  share informations  ,  help other collegues  in need   and  all  the  more  to   preserve  the quality of Bank Branch Audits   thus to protect   our professional interest 


M E F has been hoisted  for 2015-2016 .   Unlike last time  the form is seemingly very much condensed  this year  .  Notable  omission  are questions  on  indebtedness to any bank , other professional experience  , profit sharing ratio  etc .    Last day  for on line submision is 31/08/2015  and  hard copy declaration on 15/09/2015  


Errors if any canot be edited after submission but  through resolution of complaints  which would  be little tedious and time consuming . Few cases may be taken up for scrutiny in which case  firm's financials and tax returns    need to be submitted  along with that of partners . Last time our firm had undergone these two ordeals 


All the best  .

Pl  join  us  here  at the earliest for a  more lively  S B A 2016