Respect women

Komal Thakur (CA Final) (925 Points)

07 January 2015  

I wonder there are still many people , who abuse women, beat girls, rape, and think the females are just to say yes to what males say.. FOR ALL "SUCH MALES" OUT THERE---does being a male, mean, you have conqured the world?? And you are always right?? Don’t you think females have also brains and they are also humans? Every living being has a right to live. If you being a male has all the rights to live, to enjoy your lives, to hang out with the friends, to relax and show you are so cool in front of every person, doesn’t a lady has all these rights??

When a guy goes out for a night party,, people say it's okay!! he can.. but when a girl goes out to hang out with her friends she is given such pathetic names ,which i cant even say at this platform... if a guy comes out late at home its okay!! but when a girl reaches home late.. she is asked thousand of questions... if a guy rapes a girl .. the first question which comes to everyones' mind is-- was it late night?? if it was , then its her mistake to get out late night... what was she wearing??? oh!!! western dress.. hmmm... its a girl's mistake then... coz girls wear such cloths to excite men.. 

a man is never questioned on his mentality--- that why the hell he thought an alone girl is an opportunity?? 

It’s about the poor menatality of "such people", who can’t ever get over this.. 

There are still many people who think this way... SAD NA...  :(

For all those who think this way... and for all those who want to change this situation...

Try thinking about the lady who gave you birth,, who kept you for 9 months inside her womb. And bore all kinds of pains right from the moment she was expecting you, till your last times..

Try thinking bout the lady,, your sister,, who woke up all night to let you come inside the home, without letting your dad know about it.

Try try thinking about the lady ,, your girl friend/ your wife, who allways stood by your side through your tough times,, everytime you fall ill –she was there to let you get up. Everytime you lost your morale, she was there to boost your confidence up,. Everytim e you felt alone she was there to support you..


But you got angry many times on your mother for not waking you up on time, for not preparing the food you like, you shouted at her when she wasn’t able to put your demand in front of your father.

You got annoyed at your sister, when she refused to make your assignments. When you both had a fight, you always beated her up

You beated your wife, abused her manytimes when her thoughts din’t match yours…

You aborted your first child, when you got to know it’s a girl. You abandoned you daughter. You always loved your son,, and never ever looked at your daughter. Never concerned with her studies, her happiness


THESE LADIES are still there with you. Still respect you. Still Pray for your wellbeing. Your mother and wife still keep fast for you. Your daughter could never listen to something wrong about you from any one. When your son was angry at you it was your wife, whom you disrespected manytimes infront of many people, who slapped him . It was your daughter who scolded him and took him to his room..


They are with you not because they are weak or they can’t survive without you, A MAN!! It’s because she is a LADY. A lady who was always there with you from your first breathe till your last one, in different forms. Being A lady Means the strongest part of the society. Though you are  strong by physic but she is stronger than you in every aspect- mind , body and soul.


Still you disrespect’s like being selfish. The one who was there with you , for you , during every part of your life, you disrespect her????????


That’s a shame on you then.. you don’t deserve a place at Planet Earth atleast….

Open up your brains and start thinking for a change.. without a woman you could not have taken birth Even….



                                                             RESPECT WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 OR SOON YOU WILL GET IT ALL BACK ……