Requirement to fill form mbp-1 and mbp -4


22 October 2018  



  1. In FORM MBP – 1, where by a director is required to give notice of his interest pursuant to section 184 (1) and rule 9(1) – Is the Director required to disclose the interest of his relatives also.


  1. In Form MBP - 4 , Register of contracts with related party and contracts and Bodies etc. in
    which directors are interested  Pursuant to section 189(1) and rule 16(1), - In the Part B of the Form which Name of the bodies corporate, firms or other association of individuals as mentioned under sub-section (1) of section 184, in which any director is having any concern or interest, is it required to be filled in the register even if there is no transaction with any entity in which the Director or his relatives are interested.