Reply to strike off notice u/s 248(1) of the Companies Act 2013 in form STK -1 where INC 20-A is fil


01 August 2022  



The Registrar of Companies, "STATE"

"complete address of ROC as mentioned in the strike off notice"

Dear Sir,

Sub: Reply to strike off notice u/s 248(1) of the Companies Act 2013 in form STK -1

Letter No.: "Letter number" dated DD/MM/YYYY

Reference: In the matter of XYZ Private Limited

With reference to the above mentioned subject, we hereby inform you that the board of XYZ Private Limited (“Company”) (CIN: ) having its registered office situated at "Registered Address of Company" has commenced the business and the subscribers to the memorandum have paid the subscripttion amount which they have undertaken to pay at the time of incorporation of the company and a declaration to this effect has been filed under subsection (1) of section 10A via INC 20-A on DD/MM/YYYY vide SRN "SRN" with late fees of which the receipt has been attached.

It is further required to be noted that the directors have agreed and state on record that the company would comply with the provisions of the Companies Act within the due time frame as prescribed for upcoming compliances.

We request your good office to kindly accept the letter and not to proceed with the Strike off of the company under The Companies Act 2013.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of these documents and help us by not striking off of the company

Thanking you.


For and on behalf of

XYZ Private Limited


DIRECTOR 1                                                                                     DIRECTOR 2

Director- DIN                                                                                      Director- DIN