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Project Report & CMA data

Anuraag Sharma (Sr Executive Finance) (835 Points)

18 October 2009  


After the market survey and final selection of the products a project profile is to be prepared. This is a brief descripttion of the project and would include the following details:

1.     Introduction about the promoter, giving his complete Bio-data(i.e. age, educational and professional qualification, Past experience, Present activity and relationship with each other in case of partnership concerns).

2.     Manufacturing process. All operations, which are to be carried out from the Raw Material stage to be finished stage, are to be explained in detail.

3.     Market Survey report (considering Market demand, market supply, competitors, our market share) is to be included.

4.     Installed capacity of the plant, capacity utilization, during initial 1-3years and Annual Sales.

5.     Complete details about the land and building (e.g. cost, area etc.). These are to be supposed by documentary evidence and building plans prepared by an approved Architect.

6.     Details of the Plant Machinery. To be supported with quotations from three different suppliers. This should include expenses incurred on taxes, transportation, installation, accessories etc.

7.     Details of the Annual requirement of Raw Material and consumables, also to be supported with quotations.

8.     All annual expenses (e.g. Utilities, Administrative expenses, Repair and Maintenance, Salaries, Selling expenses, packing and forwarding expenses etc).

9.     Working capital requirement, showing the margin on working capital and Bank finance required. Items considered for working capital are:

o    Raw material stock

o    Finished Goods stock

o    Work in process

o    Bills receivable

o    Working expenses

10. Cost of the project : The items to be included in this area as follows:

o    Land

o    Building

o    Plant and Machinery

o    Misc. Fixed Assets

o    Contingencies

o    Pre-operative Expenses

o    Margin on Working Capital

Means of Finance

o    Term loan

o    Promoters Contribution

o    Subsidy (if applicable)

o    Special Capital Assistance (if applicable) (or seed capital)

Following Annexures are to be included in the Feasibility Report.

11. Calculation of Interest and Repayment of Term Loan:

The repayment schedule is prepared in equal Annual installments according to the repayment period allowed by the financial institution. Along with this, the interest for each year is calculated at the rate applicable in the financial institution.

12. Calculation of Depreciation:

The depreciation of Building, Machinery and miscellaneous fixed assets is calculated for the complete repayment period

13. The cost of production and profitability:

This is calculated for the repayment period and would include all direct and indirect annual recurring expenses.

14. Debt Service Coverage Ratio:

the method for calculation the D.S.C.R. is given below: 
Calculate the total (A), of

o    Profit after Tax

o    Depreciation

o    Interest on term loan

Then the total (B), of

o    Repayment of term loan and interest on term loan

Average D.S.C.R. is A/B

15. Cash Flow Statement:

Sources of funds is calculated by adding up the following for the complete repayment period:

o    Profit before tax with interest added back

o    Depreciation

o    Increase in Term Loan

o    Increase in Bank Finance

o    Increase in Promoters Contribution

Then calculate disposition of funds by totalling

o    Increase in Fixed Assets

o    Decrease in Term Loan

o    Increase in Current Assets

o    Interest on Term Loan and Working Capital

o    Income Tax

Total of sources of funds - total of Disposition of funds = Surplus/Deficit Opening Balance + Surplus = Closing Balance (Starting from nil doing 1st year)

This is completed for the complete repayment period

16. Projected Balance Sheet:

Preparation of project balance sheet as follows:

o    Reserves and Surplus

o    Term Loan

o    Promoter's Contribution

o    Bank Borrowing (Bank Finance of working Capital)

Assets : Total of

o    Net Block Assets

o    Fixed assets- Depreciation (cumulate Depreciation over the operating years)

o    Current Assets

o    Cash and bank Balance

The total of liabilities and total Assets should tally for each operating year individually, for a correct Balance Sheet.>/p>

17. Break Even Point:

This is the level of production at which the unit is running at no profit no loss. Hence , it is essential to calculate the BEP to ascertain the level of production at which the units starts earning profits. It is calculated as follows:
BEP=( Fixed Cost * Percentage of optimum cap. Utilization) * 100/ contribution
Contribution = Sales - Variable Cost

This is calculated for the year during which the unit reaches optimum capacity utilization.

After preparation of the project Report the Entrepreneur is required to get the provisional Registration Certificate from the concerned District Industries Center, and the Application for the Term loan and Working Capital with the Financial Institution/ Bank Depending upon the scheme under which he wishes to apply.

Check List of Document to be submitted alongwith the loan application

The number of documents shall depend upon product size, nature and location of project

1.     Prescribe application form in Duplicate

2.     Project Report in Duplicate

3.     List of total movable and immovable Assets of the promoters.

4.     Income Tax and Wealth Tax details of last three years, with copies of Assessment / Return if applicable.

5.     Provisional Registration Certificate from the concerned District Industries Centre.

6.     Memorandum of Articles of Association and Certificate of in corporation (in case of Company).

7.     Certified copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of firms ( if partnership concern) if forms 'A' and 'C'.

8.     Registration with the Tourism Department, and the licence for eating house in case of Hotel Industry.

9.     Permission/licence from Competent Authority (in case of Textile, Drugs, Foods etc.).

10. Certified copy of sale deed in respect of land. (The land should be in the name of sole proprietor/partner/company whichever applicable


Rent agreement in case of rented premises.

11. Three quotation in respect of each item of plant and machinery and raw material, proposed to be purchased.

12. Details of power requirement and tie-up with State Electricity Board.

13. Copy of instructions to your Bankers to give full information about the concern on request to State Financial Corporation.

14. Permission from Water Pollution Control Board.

  1. Approved Building plan from Competent Authority with cost estimates

 source - eCACTUS

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Anuraag Sharma (Sr Executive Finance) (835 Points)
Replied 18 October 2009

Model Project Report

 source - eCACTUS

Attached File : 6 model project report.xls downloaded: 14816 times
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Anuraag Sharma (Sr Executive Finance) (835 Points)
Replied 18 October 2009

CMA Data

 source - eCACTUS

Attached File : 30 credit management analysis.xls downloaded: 9680 times
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Amit Ingale (Student CA Final) (1454 Points)
Replied 19 October 2009

Thnak yo very Much.

Are you a CIMA Student ?


very gud work Anuraag.............. keep it up


Very Good  keep it up

SUNIL KUMAR SETH (Accountant & Tax Consultant )   (41 Points)
Replied 19 November 2009

please send govt. loan schme - Rani Durga wati rojgar yojna

spare parts shop

loan amount 428000

my email id - sunil200747 @ gmail.com




Manish (Partner) (26 Points)
Replied 15 December 2009

hi !!!

can any one send me details project report incuding CMA & bank formalities ( if for Manufacturing concern than it very help ful to me

srnarahari (Manager) (22 Points)
Replied 22 February 2010

Thank you

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moorthy (Acc Exe) (26 Points)
Replied 22 May 2010

what is the percentage of depreciation for tally software (as a fixed asset)

Abhishek Kumar (Student) (356 Points)
Replied 29 August 2010

Impressive ya gud man

mithun (students) (21 Points)
Replied 27 September 2010

sir can u send me the project report in word or excel format, i just want to understand it more deeply

Radhe Namdev (ACS) (68 Points)
Replied 06 October 2010

very useful sir

Pankaj jain (Business Head) (236 Points)
Replied 04 April 2011

great boss have good information

VINOD VAID (Tax Consultant) (24 Points)
Replied 26 May 2011

Dear frds

I am in need to prepare a project report upon bank funding and need a specimen of project report for that purpose. Could any one help me in this matter.


Vinod Vaid


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