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varun maingi (ca final) (72 Points)

14 August 2011  

Hello ALL,

I Have read many forum messages here where i have read the same and same question again ``THAT WILL WE ABLE TO CLEAR INTER IN 2 MONTHS , 3 MONTHS , 4 MONTHS`` , And many  people replying to them yes two months is enough to pass i want to ask them how is it possible and if they clear it also then also its of no use as they are laging concepts of the subjects if u want to be a CA just for the sake of the name then its no use u should go for B COM , CA is a professional course and you should study it or join it to transform yourself to a professional not just to pass a exam   you should be passionate towards it so that the profession`s name is not let down ............

Finaly I Just want to say dont  just focus on passing the exam try to crab concepts and do value addition to ur knowledge

 Thank YOU