Please provide me your valuable suggestions

CA. Nitesh (Assistant Manager (Finance and Accounts))   (491 Points)

12 March 2013  

Dear all respected  CCites Member

Now m in need of some valuable suggestion from all of you..let me explain the situation

Actually now am working since in a Ltd co. since 2 yrs back and earning around Rs. 50000 PM but my current location is not so well for me and in short am not so much happy, work profile is also not so good and at the same time i dont have too much interest in job for longer period.

Now I just want to move myself  for practice and coaching classes simultaneously... ..i have good interest in teaching profession ....I know there is enough risk bt il have to move now or later at any cost as m nt satisfied in Job.

Please give me your valuable suggestion in respect of risk, things which i should take care, Is my plan good, possiblities of sucess etc.



Thanks in advance.