penalty emposed by Add. Commissioner U/s 272A (2) (k).

CA RAKESH KUMAR SHISHODIA (Chartered Accountants) (32 Points)

25 May 2010  

The Etds return not submit in stipuleted time or late submitted, so penalty emposed by add. commissioner u/s 272A (2)(k). The Tax Deducted at source as Per Income Tax Act,1961 and deposit in bank as per provision of the It Act.1961.That the Additional Commissione (TDS)of income tax penalty order the show cause notice was issued by his office and it was sent through regd. post but unfortunately either it was not received in proper hand or missed lplace by clerical staff. as state aforesaid reason no one appeared/ filled submission in honor of Add. Commissioner. hence, due to has been not seen show cause ntice , no one has been appeares in honor.

Please guide me for take relief from penalty emposed by Add. Commissioner U/s 272A (2) (k).