Online E-diary: its repercussions; students beware(detailed)

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

08 February 2010  

Please go through entire article and give it a serious thought.

First of all; let me tell that this article is not to launch a tirade against the icai ;rather it is to forewarn the article community about an attempt by Uttam Aggarwal;(his last brahmastra to hit the bull’s eye) to

i)to reduce bargaining power of students

ii) to target students who raised their voice against transfer ban

And the most important thing is that this rule is gonna hit the genuine students rather than the dummy articles as dummy articles’ CAs will surely cook up work schedules to save the students’ as well as their own skin.And the genuine ones like me will have to arrange for another showdown with the principal to calculate all these working hours,money,work done.My CA wont agree that he sent me to his wife’s tailor to bring her blouse,will he?Icai’s arguments of monitoring student’s progress in practical learning;and advise the student com timely guidance(I didn know that icai has guiding mechanism also; pehle jo sawaal hum email kartey hain;woh toh time  mein reply kiyaa karo) and also to ensure best practical exposure to students; are merely a hogwash; as icai itself is grappling with its staff’s unrest as most of their money has been embezelled by the president and his henchmen(staff allege corruption and demand CAG audit of icai funds:recent news;and sunil talati had alleged that in aug09 already). And ICAI’s argument of maintaining records is another crap from the mouth of upa as all our records are already recorded in the icai servers except the work diary (which most of us do not  maintains due to problems from or by our CA).

LEmme recount history about blasphemy from icai. Presidents come and go within one year(except upa; he is a bl**dy lusty person for power). They introduced CPT;PCC and later they took it off. CPT paper gets leaked; Online CPT exams get cancelled in one centre and the  other; results are moderated;one president throws mud at the other; goons visit icai office to beat staff at the behest of the CCM;etc. ICAI has been infamous of making HALFLY BAKED POLICIES, without weighing its pros and cons but it is the students who have been made to bear the brunt. Tranfer ban ho gayaa; and UPA swells like a young rooster as if  he has saved the world from 2012.

And now for the fundamental infrastructure for the implementation of the scheme: ICAI’s IT infra. I myself have seen the computer infra at icai offices ; it is pathetic. My ITT exams were postponed and my friend’s exams were postponed twice. Online exams have been postponed many a times. And what about Even the directory showing the member’s data gets hung many times. IF this is the case of members(in whose interests ICAI works); what will the extent of sufferings that icai will force students us to endure. Results get postponed many times. Imagine what u will face due to lack of foresight by icai’s administrators;which now-a-days consists of politicians rather than CAs.

Maybe ICAI should have spent its funds to strengthen its IT infrastructure ; rather than putting glossy advertisement in newspaper about CPT,placements;putting up portraits of his highness Uttam Aggrwal; having cricket matches;paying money to Ramdev.What difference between UPA and a politician on grounds of nepotism?

Now for the procedural compliance by the students. First of all; many of us don’t have the access to internet; if we have we may not have time to do so. Students will try to comply but CA will pose problems if this scheme exposes them. For example; for November exams, a student demanded 4 months leave and he has already undergone articleship to be eligible for that. The CA who has his work pending in August,September refuses him for that much time. He says,”1 month is all u will get.Take it or leave it. Or else; I wont sign ur form.” CA will surely not expose that in the online diary. Suppose a student is getting the same type of work ie tikdaa marnaa; for 2 years;and will his CA try to write than only. CAs have coloured balance sheets of  many big cos (eg:satyam); khud ke faydey ki liye toh they will do anything. If he is making articles doing servant like work;works like that of peon; will he admit that?

And we have to upload every month. That means; we will have to haggle with our principal every month; and there are no prizes for guessing who will win.Students kaa kya aukat hai? And CAs usually don’t give their digital signatures to students. And CAs who want to spent the least on the articles;like they will force us to  travel on dingy govt. buses to the nearest town for audit and stay in some mice,snake infested  rooms during whole tour; eat cheap unhygienic food( a friend of mine had to visit a rural area for audit; they had to eat near a stinking toilet in a roadside dhaaba;while the client took the CA for food at local 4 star hotel).And do you think that CAs, who from first do not have digital signatures, will want to spend 4000rs a year on that?

A year ago, when Ved Jain sir was president; he had given an interview which is available in Youtube; he had said about growing stress on students. And how he has taken steps in bringing a gap of 1 day between exams. He told that the syllabus of the course can’t be compromised and the papers of 8 subjects can’t be curtailed and new things has to be daily added to our syllabus. Syllabus is uniform to all students; but is practical training uniform to all? Will ICAI after seeing a village lad’s diary put him in PWC because he has not got any new experience. And students have their own right to choose their field of expertise. I want to go into Project Finance; and my CA only has Income Tax job; of whose experience I don’t see much value when I apply for job in some investment banking;capital market;marketing;supply chain mgmt areas of corporate world.

Where now-days; icai has been taking backward steps. It seems Uttam Aggarwal must have extended his  term by some considerate time; that’s why he is again acting like God. In the recent newsletter; thankfully ; there is no utam photo at cover; but if u read his foreword; he says,”Sometimes we have to take harsh decisions.However, these harsh decisions are also taken keeping your overall interests in mind.Uncontrolled transfer hampers ur proper training and learning. It is advisable that u take complete interest in ur job. A long term relationship with the same firm provides consistency in the training. See he is saying as if He is the KAlki Avatarr in this Kali Yug. What use of long term relationship; if that that hampers our job prospects? We don’t want to take up a job at our principal’s office after completing CA? It is like saying,”AA baiilll mujhey marr.”We don’t want to return to hell, do we?” Nor do we are so desperate to open practice; that we are ready to marry his hideous daughter and receive his clients as dahejj.” We want to take whatever steps which will brighten our careers. This uttam aggarwal only wants to improve his votebank.


So; students who have been tortured at articleship; plzz don’t get fooled by golden promises by the president. Yeh sabb bolkey; picchley saal transfer ban kiyaa ki dummies ki ab lagney waali hain; ultaa genuine walein ki buchh lagii. Same thing is gonna happen this year again if E-working diary is implemented.

And yes; how did this escape my mind? Since one and half years; icai has been harping about Advanced ITT training. This was there in student’s newsletter when UPA was president; and now he is going to get RePLACED; and still the same line persists in his speech,”IF Central Government allows.”Give us a break, man;kisko bewakoof bana rahe ho.

What about the reduction in articleship of PCC students?

And main thing is that CAs may act like demons most of the times; but at the ending time of articleship ending; they tend to soften(not all ones ok). They may settle for money; yaa working for free after exams ,etc. They may tend to soften and NOT GIVE EXTENSION TO THE ARTICLE AND SIGN ARTICLESHIP COMPLETION. Many students who take 2 months leave for bcom.mcom exams each year; pcc,final ke liye 3 months lello;and dusre miscellaneous chhutii ginlo;IF U COUNT ALL THESE THERE IS BOUND TO BE EXTENTION. But after some sobbing and negotiating; many Ca sign the form without extension(because we have worked so hard for them) and if all this online e-diary comes; CA even if they want wont be able to show mercy on us.

LeT us form a  group and  discuss how to thwart this new scheme; or minimize its adverse effects on us.

Wahey guru ka khalsa;wahe guru ki fateh.

Jo bole so nihaal; sat sri akal.

This is now a khalsaa/jihad/dharmayudhh  for all CA students.We wont take this lying down.