once again icai has proven that it doesn

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

28 March 2009  

Again, they have done sth which harms the interests of student. This DRACONIAN  law about transfer didn't exist even in their times when they were articles.

What about those students; who were about to get transfer into better CA firm or a another CA firm which offers more opportunities?No transfer within same city( what the hell)? An another move by "institute of chartered accountants" and not "institute for CA students of india" to ENPOWER CAs to coerce students to work extra hours, miss coachings, and take negligent leave for exams.

He can just order anything. This rule will "immunise" him that " if the student protests he can even CANcel or TERMINATE OR extend. what does this mean? Have we become their prostitutes or what(sorry for my language). But tell me; does this mean CA students become like condoms. Like a condom when it tears it is thrown away; a CA student becomes of no use; he can simply cancel, extend or terminate his articleship.

Now our very respected Mr daga may say "we have our diary to prove that". I have always been made to miss class and work from 11 to 630; and many times we have to forego their sundays; and we are left high and dry when our exams are next november and we can't claim credits.  AND DO U THINK CA WILL SIGN THAT HE HAS BEEN MAKING US WORK MORE THAN 530. TELL ME.

ICAI doesn't take action against CA who flout this rule of office timings and PWC tainted auditors remain in Central council. icai is losing its credibility not amongst outsiders and also amongst PROSPECTIVE FUTURE CA.


Until CA students launch a united, strong agitation against this; icai will continue to hammer our career before this. Before joining this field; icai advertised about how they had "managed" students' times (11 to 5pm) and how it has been made smoother for students.


And i am fed up from this transfer clause. Revert it. I have no problem about work diary and the timings(waise bhi to mujhe to 7 hrs hi kaam karna he). No transfer in same city. Arey yaar; have members of CA gone nuts.


 Dark age for CA students and Diwali for CAs practising. I will surely warn my brother who has given his hsc exams to forget CA and opt for CS because

i) board made up of like minded people

ii)no articleship till Final level and that too of 1.5 yrs

iii)not lagging behind CA field in terms of packages if we opt for service.