My Real life story, how i become CA....


19 April 2011  


Dear CCI members


 I am here by invite your kind attention to my real life story.


About me:-

Ø I am an average student up to my Graduation level.

Ø Study language are Vernacular medium up to B com second year (Malayalam)

Ø Weak in mathematics and opted to Choose humanities up to plus 2

About my family Back ground:-

Ø It is a below average family.

Ø  My parents were struggled hard to earn daily necessity expense.

Ø Not having good dress to wear and good food to eat. Thus, No hope for me to study after my Graduation. 

My Academic records Up to Graduations.


marks %



Pre Degree


B Com



My decision to Join CA course

Up to my pre Degree course, un employment was most common things, thus, I firmly believed that investment in studies  are   utter waste of time, better to go any job.

At that time, my senior have changed this thought, conveyed me the importance of studies. There is a course called CA, if you pass the course, you will surely get a good opportunity and good carrier. I was so motivated like any other things in the life.

For taking CA course, I have opted b com. But after joined the course, the interest is come down up to my B com final year. Then, I realized my mission CA. Changed my vernacular medium in to English.

My first Challenge (English language)

During the initial stages, I found very difficult and adjust with English language. Some time I have changed to switch over to my vernacular language. However, my mission was CA.

 I took this as a challenge. If a new meaning comes, at the same time I will refer the dictionary understood the new words and its meaning. Over a period of time, I learned so many English words and I felt independent.

Decision to join any job

My family was poor and struggling for daily bread and butter. My mind is not allowed me to higher studies rather taking care my family responsibility in to my shoulder. I am the elder son.

Decision to Join CA course

My parents and younger brother supported me a lot and advised me to ignore about the financial crisis. You should join CA course. Thus, in front of their love, I have taken the decision to join the CA course.

Boss reaction at first time

My first impression was negative. My Boss was not willing to admit me in to his CA firm since I have lower academic records. CA course is difficult to clear even for a brilliant student. So, take decision carefully.

At last, In front of my repeated request, Boss mind get changed. He advised me that re think again and come back.

I took the decision to join CA and started my Articlship.

My limitations

I know my limitations about language and fundamentals of accounts. First step I have took is started with Plus one Accountancy book and a four line book of UKG students.  Both angles I was focused well.

I am aware about my family ambition on me and necessity for becoming a CA. In sleep and wake I am prepared mentally for CA.

Carried a hard and good daily routine. I am also aware about the depthless of CA and that helped me a lot to concentrate more. That concentration helped me a lot. I never stopped my daily study routine even for one day up to clearing my first group of Intermediate.


No money for attend coaching. Only one course is self study and good hard work. Thus, the absence of coaching was nothing in front of my hard work.

First failure

I have cleared my first group in the first attempt and made a good impression. I felt over confidence about me. This lead to my first failure in Cost and FM. This failure continued over a period of 2 year. Then realized my mistake. Changed this mistake and cleared PE 2.

Final level

I was attended coaching for three subject ( Practical) Rest I was managed because of my rigorous learning during  PE 2 level with respect to theory subject. I was really improved during this level. I become more systematic with studies. That helped me a lot to become a CA.

Wish you all the best

CA vivek M

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