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Mr.tushar sampat please give respect toother members replies

Ganeshbabu K (Audit and Tax Advisory) (48504 Points)

13 February 2015  

Hi Mr.Tushar,

I Refer to your comment on Expert section for below query


I request you to please stop your habbit of Modifying the replies after some other expert finds your wrong reply.

You need to accept your mistake in the thread or just dont modify your wrong reply.

Modifying the reply with out accepting your mistake Makes others replies looks akward.Do you think there is no meaning for our replies.

I feel bad for this.Morover it is nothing but insulting the fellow experts and their valuable time.

So.Please respect other experts moreover their replies atleast from now.

Learning from the Mistake is important and it can be done only if you stop modifying the mistakes

I Hope you consider this.

Other wise it is really hard for me to Keep a Note under my replies in Expert thread, whenever i replied on your wrong replies

Saying this reply was in response to Mr.Tushar wrong reply.And He may change his reply later, if he finds that he is wrong.

Thanking you!!

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Ganeshbabu K (Audit and Tax Advisory) (48504 Points)
Replied 13 February 2015

I Have enough proof to say that you have modified your reply.Here is Print screen of those.










Hahahaha...This is so funny !!!

Ganeshbabu Sir, you are going too hard on him.


He has a great reputation on this website. It would have been good if you both had sought the matter through PMs.

Tushar Sampat is a real asset for caclubindia.This pressure must have led him to change his mistakes.

Again, your contribution on caclubindia is not any less than Tushar Sampat's. But, I think you took the matter little seriously.

You guys are always helping us.Such an argument between both of you is not good for caclubindia members.

I hope you got the point.

Please make peace !!!yes




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Ganeshbabu K (Audit and Tax Advisory) (48504 Points)
Replied 13 February 2015

haha.Yes.I have not taken the matter little seriosuly,I have taken this matter more seriosuly.

Yes.I couldnt have posted this if it is his first,2nd or 3rd time.

Inspite of my repeated requests he is not stopping to do this.You may find my requests and fellow experts requests to not to modify in some threads.

It is becoming mandatory to have a screen shot before replying on his replies.

I just want to tell this,  it may be hard.



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CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114102 Points)
Replied 13 February 2015

Everyone makes mistakes. Even i make mistakes which only help me to learn from my fellow experts. CCI offers us an opportunity to learn from the members and experts. When we make a wrong reply we should be honest and accept our mistakes. Or even if we modify our reply we should acknowledge that. We should honestly accept that we made a mistake.


Rashid you are absolutely correct this should not have been posted here and should have been resolved through PM and proper communication. But tell me one thing what if a person do not realize his mistake and continue to make same mistake one after another? Not only Ganesh, but I have also requested Tushar many times not to modify his reply and if he does that acknowledge that earlier reply was a mistake and  same stands corrrected. Even other experts advised him same many times but it is really a shame that he refuses to learn and continue to commit same mistake again and again. Just see the links given below:





I just want to ask other member and experts, whether it is correct to modify your reply after watching the reply of other experts without acknowledging the fact that his earlier reply was not correct? When someone makes correction in his reply and he changes the reply then does not the person correcting him look stupid? Is there any harm in accepting the mistake in your reply and then correcting the same? Will it harm the reputation of expert if the expert accepts his mistake? 


Please do share your views.......

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Replied 13 February 2015

I agree with Ganeshbabu sir and Sanjay Sir....I had made many mistakes while replying in forums to queries...but when some1 correct me I find it as a learning.Every Mistake is a learning for you.No one likes accepting that they are wrong but one achieves success by learning from mistakes only

After reviewing the links shared by sir,I agree with him that Tushar is not ready to accept his mistakes.If he is correct then why he is not replying here or any place where his mistake has been pointed out.

He may be a CAclub celebrity but for real success he needs to accept his mistakes.Otherwise God be with him.

I urge Admin to take proper course of action.This cant be tolerated

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CA Srikanth Yadav (Chartered Accountant) (3162 Points)
Replied 13 February 2015

lol after this reading this post I'm like mesmerized, thrilled and enthralled yes



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Originally posted by : Shrikant
lol after this reading this post I'm like mesmerized, thrilled and enthralled 


This is such a historic thread !!!

The Big Guns of Caclubindia are on fire !!! yes


Jay Kumar Ratan (Partner Legal & Financial Services)   (793 Points)
Replied 13 February 2015

Dear Experts I respect to all of you. Wese bhi Insan to galtiyo ka putla h. Agar apko unki itni hi chinta h to you could send a personal Massage to Mr. Tusar rather than embraced him in gernal . Your discussion is just representing that u want to prove yourself more intelegent than other.

Sudip (Ca final) (99 Points)
Replied 14 February 2015

I had said it long back..view the link /mobile/experts/complaint-1852134.asp
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srinivas (profeesional) (93 Points)
Replied 14 February 2015

Few experts post answer nly to get points other experts to share the knowledge. Dat is y this war happens between experts.

S.Srikanth (Cost Accountant ) (346 Points)
Replied 14 February 2015

CCI admin may consider option ie allowing only few charcters changes..
Tushar ji we have big respect on u..
hope u get the point..


shikhar (LEARNER ) (1394 Points)
Replied 15 February 2015

Doing mistake is not a issue....infact not accepting our mistake will create problem in present and future tooo. No one get smaller by accepting mistakes....i Think u become loyal to your self ,when u accept mistakes.....

Sheena (Student) (22 Points)
Replied 16 April 2020

Wow. I thought this guy was trustworthy. Didnt know he was such a misguiding, disrespectful person. Valuable asset to CAClubIndia? Really? Such deceptive CAs who misguide innocent people asking questions should be banned!

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