Mr.tushar sampat please give respect toother members replies

Ganeshbabu K (Audit and Tax Advisory) (48564 Points)

13 February 2015  

Hi Mr.Tushar,

I Refer to your comment on Expert section for below query


I request you to please stop your habbit of Modifying the replies after some other expert finds your wrong reply.

You need to accept your mistake in the thread or just dont modify your wrong reply.

Modifying the reply with out accepting your mistake Makes others replies looks akward.Do you think there is no meaning for our replies.

I feel bad for this.Morover it is nothing but insulting the fellow experts and their valuable time.

So.Please respect other experts moreover their replies atleast from now.

Learning from the Mistake is important and it can be done only if you stop modifying the mistakes

I Hope you consider this.

Other wise it is really hard for me to Keep a Note under my replies in Expert thread, whenever i replied on your wrong replies

Saying this reply was in response to Mr.Tushar wrong reply.And He may change his reply later, if he finds that he is wrong.

Thanking you!!