Mercantile Law

S.K.Bapna (Student) (187 Points)

09 June 2010  


1. A contracts to sell B all the oils to be produced from groundnut harvested from A's Farmhouse. The crops having been harvested and made therefrom, a fills the oil in the cans supplied by B. Does the property in oil pass to B?

2. A of Mumbai writes to B of Delhi to send him a book by post parcel. The parcel is lost on the way. Can B recover the price?
a-No, delivery to post office is not delivery to buyer.
b-Yes, delivery to post office is delivery to buyer.
c-No, B has not got the book.

3. A (Mumbai) sends B (Delhi) important documents through post parcel by which important decision of the company is to be taken. They had lost on the way. Who is liable?
c-postal department.

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