Looking for CA Firm for E-Filing for preparation Input File for Form 24Q

Yashodeep Kale (1 Points)

08 June 2024  

Scope for Income Tax Validation

  1. Verification of document’s availability and relevance to applied section by any employee
  2. Capturing of relevant information such as document date, value of investment, year of investment, name(s) of Valid family member, mentioned etc in MS excel
  3. Check the correctness of value entered into the application w.r.t document uploaded by employee
  4. Check the value entered into the application is under limit set for each section and validation of interlinked sections for getting correct exemption.
  5. Check if the section applies w.r.t other applied sections as well as meet the criteria as set under each section of IT act
  6. Validation of Income Tax Computation (Earning, Dedication, Exemption, Tax Collected, Tax Balance) Clear explanation for difference in Input Tax Computation
  7. Preparation of Final Input File for Form 24Q / form 16 generation
  8. Total records need to be checked for 6500 to 7000 Employees