Life and promises by pulkit gupta

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29 October 2013  


CCI, a second home for me, and yes I am coming back to my home after a very long time. The last appreciable work which I did here was writing an inspirational novel, "Life is what you make it!!" . Just like my previous articles you showered your love and blessings on me. Now I am back to share one of the biggest and happiest news of my life. It is related to a novel. I know many of you must be thinking that why I am sharing a commercial news on a professional platform!! The answer is very easy. You know the author, you know the novel, author know the readers and novel remember the comments. Yes you are right. It is about my debut and CA novel, "Life is what you make it" which I have rewritten as "Life and Promises".

Now comes the point that why will you read and purchase it because you have already read it on CCI. Well the answer is simple. Earlier it was in the form of 10 articles with hardly 12000 words, while now it is in the form of professional novel with 35000-40000 words. I have added poetry in it, removed all the unnecessary parts, some new twists, introduced some new characters as well as some new chapters. This novel also ends on a different note. Poetry provided the stability to the content and now you will be able to read the story in a poetic form.

It is still as  inspirational as before because it is very inspiring to see an Engineering drop-out, a topper, to completely change his line and shifts to one of the most difficult profession of commerce i.e. CA. Not only this, the main protagonist suffers from a severe disease and a heart break... 

So what you are waiting open your arms and accept my new work just like my previous works. Pre order will start from 1st Dec. and novel will be out in first week of Feb. Do order it and give your feedback.


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