Let's do it tomorrow............?

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03 August 2011  

Let`s do It Tomorrow?

The habit of procrastination fatigues you more than the effort if takes to complete the task. A completed task is fulfilling and energizing, an incomplete task drains your energy. Get into the habit of doing it now. We all know too well that procrastination is the thief of time.

Some Points:

·       Prepare: Prepare both the work place and the mind to facilitate studies. Once that is done, the thoughts of procrastination are likely to subside.

·       Study Goals: You learnt about goals earlier. Split the large goals into manageable, immediate ones. A small goal that can be accomplished in 60 minutes and which will be a contribution to a larger goal is a good stick to beat procrastination with.

·       Imagine the pain: Procrastination robs you of the joy of success. Its steals your self-confidence. The next time you feel the itch to postpone, visualize the time you last did and of the grief that followed. Decide what is more important, revising Sections or being online …

·       Imagine the pleasure: whenever the thought of procrastination lures you become stern and promise yourself a treat provided you overcome that thought. Think of how good it will be if you can strike off deemed Income from the goal list.

·       Knock out the dislikes: First, finish the work you dislike. Surely, you would not postpone doing what you like..


Never say tomorrow, complete the work by today itself what you plan. Don’t ever postpone your schedule to tomorrow, suppose need to complete today itself than do it immediately, don’t say will do tomorrow which became habit of that and you will never reach success….


Note: Write Dairy today what you want to do for tomorrow, then you will surely finish as you plan:)….