Kudos to Raj Thakre

Vivek (CA ) (2368 Points)

15 November 2009  

Dear Raj Thakre,
You are really working hard for the future development of my North India. I'm really happy w ith you and want you to intensify your attack on my friends and relatives from North India and abuse our national language, because :
1. When all the factories won't  find  hard-working non Maharashtiran workers in Mumbai/Pune/Nasik/Nagpur/Aurangabad, they will set up more plants in other states including my MP.
2. Similarly when all my highly qualified  MBA /  CA /  Engineer friends  will leave Maharashtra, they will bring all the corporate offices, HOs, development centres, BPOs and KPOs, Dalal Street etc. along with them to North India.
3. I will set up new factories in my MP, because  I will have hard-working, skilled and cheap labour returning from Maharshtra.
4. Banking services will improve in my north India, because  SBI and all other PSU banks will have no businessmen to lend in Maharashtra but only local employees to pay salaries.
5. Bambai film industry will move to MP because future Nasir Husains from Itarsi, Javed Khans from Bhopal and Salim Khans from Indore will never migrate to Bambai and they will set up a film industry in Dewas and all the future Deevars and Sholeys will be shot in MP with the future Salman Khans, Aamirs Khans and Farhan Akhtars. Amitabh will return to his sasural in Bhopal along with Ash and Abhishek and invest in farm land in Chambal instead of Lonawala.
6. We will export all our best quality wheat, because Maharashtra won't need it at the PDS price. They will drink only wines made from Nasik grapes only.
7. We'll be able to construct  high rise  buildings / airports / dams/ roads at very low cost, because all the construction workers, architects,  carpenters, masons, painters will return to their native places.
8. Ratan Tata will construct his Taj Hotel in MP becuase he will find no Indian Army / Air force / Navy / CRPF jawans to protect it from Kasab.
9. Tourist will flock to all tourist attraction in MP because all the panipuri walas from Bhind/Morena will set up their stalls after returning from Bambai beach chowpaties.
10. We will lay red carpet for all the Parsies, Gujraites, Punjabies, Sindies, UP Bhaiyas, Marwadies, Muslims and South Indian, because they will develop all the backward cities and villages in MP as they did in Maharashtra.

What we could not achieve to develop our MP in the past 100 years, I'm sure we'll achieve it with the help of Mr. Raj Thakre in the next 1 year.

So Mr. Raj, keep it up. Our best wishes are with you becuase destruction of of Bambai and Maharashtra is the key to the development of other states.