Is it not an insult to a C.A. - Your comments please

karthikeyan.v (Chartered Accountant) (523 Points)

18 March 2010  

Dear learned Friends,

I happened to visit The Income Tax department on the 11 th of March for some work, I met a one of my friend who is in a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT in practice for the past 14 years. He had come to file  a return in the salary ward. he was waiting in the ward as there was no one to receive the return, on seeing him wait one official of the department came forward to accept the return. After going thru the return the official threw the return back at the Chartered Accountant. the reason for it was, the income returned was less than the amount that was chargable to tax, to top it all the official demanded in a very harsh tone to explain what is the basic exemption limit, and also demanded to know for what purpose he is filing the return.

i was shocked to see such a harsh behaviour by an income tax official to a chartered accountant, The CA was also stunned.

For a moment let us imagine that the official did not know that the the person filing the return is a C.A. Even then the way in which he presented himself to an assessee  was highly condemable.

on being asked why he should not accept the return, when the assessee wants to file, he was telling that they have lot of work to do and this return will burden their work. 

My question is

1) when an assessee wants to file a retun for some purpose say for getting a bank loan- cant we file a return when the return is below the basic exemption limit.

2) what does the learned people here have to say about the way the official of the Income tax depatment presented himself ?