Is gambling illegal ?

C A Bharat Halan (Practicsing CA)     19 September 2014

C A Bharat Halan
Practicsing CA 
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I have heard that gambling is illegal in indian soil but how does card game are being played at clubs ? 

What about online rummy and poker at various site for a stack of money.??



Saurabh (CA - Grand Finale)     20 September 2014

CA - Grand Finale 
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Card games played at clubs are strictly speaking not legal, since it is also gambling.

About the online rummy, poker etc., almost all of these sites have their servers outside India, so they cant be implicated. There are still no rules on online gambling/betting in India, but it is still not legal.



Umang Saluja (Student)     26 April 2016

Umang Saluja
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I want to ask experts about the legality of gambling in india.. as i have seen 1 website that is which offers to bet almost in every game. That is a UK based site, and its all legal there. Check out the website, and its all responsible gambling, they are licenced and everything seems to be perfect.

Just i wanted to know its legal consequences in India. (As i have heard that making any bet to indian bookie is illegal, so that website is UK bookie)

My Client need advice regarding this.. Please Help.. ASAP


Natali Oz   24 September 2019

Natali Oz

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The main reason for the "vitality" of the gambling business is the presence of a steady demand for gambling on the part of players, which, according to well-known economic laws, gives rise to an illegal organization of gambling.  It follows that illegal gambling should be considered as a criminal market.


Max Muller   27 September 2019

Max Muller

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it depends on the fact what do you call gambling - casino or betting?


IndiaNo (Journalist)     27 September 2019

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Hello, gambling indeed is illegal, but only the offline gambling, the online casinos are usually placed outside India, so they don't have any power over those sites and they are safe to play on. I'm playing myself poker online on this site, and I never had any troubles. I'm usually playing in the evening with my friends, we grab some beers and try to earn some money, good times. Anyway, if you want to play, do it online on domains that are not Indian, and it will be all good.


lizmcconel (q)     02 October 2019

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You may use VPN and play at any online casino you want, the best casinos are where you need to make a minimum deposit like there

JoseWitham (JoseWitham)     18 October 2019

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you can open and read the site about casino games, more precisely about how to choose the most convenient casino for yourself. the site painted all the main criteria by which you have to make a choice. it's convenient.


Ryan Murphy   01 November 2019

Ryan Murphy

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You can read about availability of online gabling in this article:

vivian456 (London)     11 November 2019

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It depends on what casino you want to play. You may check a list here to find a suitable casino and best payment option

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