Important for ca final exams

CA Darshak Shah (Practicing CA) (1889 Points)

22 April 2012  

Hello Everyone....Let me share some matters which I consider Important for CA Final Exams...



Firstly You need to be confident that you will do it..

Dnt worry abt exams...just do your best without any kind of stress...

Preperation and exam scenario are always inverse as we know...

What matters is confidence...

Bahut ho gaya let me suggest some points...which may help you...


1) Accounts-

Everything is important specially AS..Even AS will help you in Audit as well..

 Dnt worry if you are weak at either amalgamation or holding..there is always one option in paper..

  But AS 30 should be perfect, I consider it as Very Imp..


2) SFM

  formula zarur dekhna till the last moment...learn it by heart.. and galti se b dnt leave forex...

   Revision me Capital budgeting should be of Last priority..Future & Option is important..


3)  Audit-   

   language should be polished along with good presentation...

    Its not necessary to write long answers...rather adequate answers are desirable..

    Quote Referance of SAP and AS implication should also be thought at a time..


4)  Law -  

    Last 2 paper pattern suggest that allied law and director together covers 70% marks..

    Sections are not compulsory to quote but advisable..Write it only if you are sure..

    Clear, precise and logical answer is important.


RTP Must must must...2 Times

And Remember toughest the paper is, its easier to get never get depressed...





Firstly make your mind that you are going to play a tough battel and you will do it...

I consider each one of four as dangerous and anyone can defeat be ready...

Talking about points..

1) Cosing-O.R--

   OR should be good and conceptual...costing is uncertain but OR is easy..

     In marginal- clear your logics and application as well

     Standard costing--mug up formulas..

     Theory of costing and OR sometimes saves you..sums may be twisted but never theory..

     so learn it well...Guys Dnt Leave theory..Its the only tool that can save us in tough times..


2)  ISCA-   

     Beware-polish your language and focus on Chap-5,6,7-Its small and easy so secure 30 marks...

     there...then you go for other chapters..For Chapter 10-Dnt worry about sections...

      If you have time then plz think that what will i write if the question is this?

      In  ISCA - We know answers always but we dnt knw what to write when this much is asked..


3) DT-        

    Ammendments are always advisable to study thoroughly....

    Assessment proceedings and Wealth tax and PGBP presumes 50 to 60% marks

    Guys..TDS is important this time as usual....Its going to be tough..


4) IDT-        \

   Again ammendments is important.. This time focus on POT rules and as usual CCR and SSI is

     important..In custom atleast these 3 should be done..Valuation, Warehousing and Duty Drawbacks...

      I use the words Atleast Ok..If any of you have time then plz dnt leave common topics..

      Especially all provisions of Sec-11 and subsections

       Appeals and Revisions and seltlement of cases and advance rulling is nearly same in DT & IDT



   Dnt forget RTP-For second group i will advise you to go for last 3 attmpt's RTP


    Be aware but dont beware...

The sole intention for posting this is to encourage and motivate students based on my exam experiance

I will wait for your valuable feedbacks...It will motivate me to write in future as well...



All The Best

-CA Darshak Shah