Shivani (Learner) (1881 Points)

17 October 2016  

Dear Friends

X of Punjab imports goods of Rs. 10000.

he pays BCD 12% Rs. 1200

IGST 18% (rate assumed) 18% x 11200 = 2016

Question 1 

In case of imports where does the taxes of BCD and IGST show up?

The seller in other country wont be knowing about the taxes imposed in India so he will be invoicing only at Rs. 10000. 

So where will BCD and IGST show up? In which document?



Question 2

Now X exports the goods that were imported to Y in USA.

Will he get refund of BCD and IGST he paid earlier?

If so, will he include BCD and IGST in his cost computations while he exports?