CA.Tarun Maheshwari (CA, DISA) (7150 Points)

10 March 2009  

ICAI’s Women Steering Group - (08-03-2009)
Total number of members
Out of above female members
%age of female members
Total number of students
Out of above female students
% age
We have been seeing that there is an increase in number of girl students opting for CA course. Out of total 89,253 students opting for CPT Exam in Dec’08, the number of girls were 27637, i.e., about 30.96 % of the total students appeared. Moreover, the performance of girls is better than boys. The result of CPT Exam - Dec, 08 showed that the pass percentage of girl students is better i.e.42.00 % as against 37.00 % of the boy students. So to encourage the spirit of female CA students and members registered with ICAI.
Further, I wish to inform my Council Colleagues that the Call for Nominations for IFAC Boards and Committees in 2010 has been posted on the IFAC website. The deadline for all nominations is 15th April 2009. I may also inform that IFAC is committed to improving gender balance on all its boards and committees and thus nominations of women to the IFAC Board and the Committees are encouraged. In the past ICAI has sent the nominations of two women candidates namely CA. Bhavna Doshi and Ms. Bharati Prasad (Deputy CAG) and both were appointed on the IFAC Committees as ICAI nominees. I therefore request to suggest the name of a woman member who can represent in the IFAC.
Recognizing the need to work towards empowerment to female fraternity be it (Chartered Accountants) CA for enabling them to make their contribution in professional, society and their personal lives ICAI is establishing Women’s steering group with the aim of defining better role to women CAs coinciding with the International Women’s Day i.e. March 8 every year. This forum is constituted to focus on the current status of women CAs and students and endeavor to focus its work plan on their capacity building to position them as competent, capable, collaborative partners in all facets of professional and allied activities.  
Terms of Reference/ Work program of the ICAI’s Women Steering Group:
Defining Rationale:
1.     To educate women CAs on having successful integration of personal and professional lives in order to perform better towards the enhancement of profession and also moving on the path of leadership position in society.
2.     To establish strategies, priorities, policies and programmes and their implementation for the welfare, development and empowerment of women, both within the women-specific and women-related Sectors and suggest rationalization/ minimization of the on-going programmes and effective inter-sectoral convergence in specific context of CAs to lead to the de-jure and de-facto enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom by women on equal basis with men in all spheres – political, economic, social, cultural and civil.
3.     To work towards removal of any gender bias by profiling lady CA as an equally versatile and competent professional to the corporate world and other stake holders.
4.     To provide a roadmap for navigating different corporate culture(s) and career development of women CAs within diversified work areas.
5.     To explore new professional avenues for utilizing competencies of female CAs who, by any reason are not able to work full time, for enabling their positive contribution to the profession and society.
6.     To organize indoor and outdoor sports activities for women CA members and students.
Segmentation and Positioning:
7.     To act as a voice of female CAs by providing a forum for debate, exchange, reflection and action by creating networks at national and international levels to facilitate experience sharing
8.     Raising awareness of the proposed steering committee and establishing links with all potential CAs including intergovernmental organizations, human rights organizations, and academics and research bodies with an interest in this area so far as they relate to ICAIs work program and its female CAs.
9.     To identify gaps, weaknesses and bottlenecks in the implementation; and take note of the emerging problems/situations related to welfare, protection, development and empowerment of women in the changing scenario and suggest necessary interventions so far as they relate to ICAIs work program and its female CAs.
10.To initiate necessary steps to attract more number of females in the profession and retain them for their healthy contribution.
11.To recognize the achievements and contribution of women CAs in the profession thereby fostering the spirit of enterprising by celebrating role models in entrepreneurship.
12.To identify and include vision from all committees of ICAI and to include atleast one lady CAs in each committee of the Institute.
13.Drawing up and consulting on detailed arrangements for the Forum – including funding, resources, communications strategy and work plan.
14.To provide special facilities to women CAs like health care and co branding through special Portal
15.To discuss and approve the work plan of ICAI’s Women Steering Group’s, follow-up the progress of its activities, in addition to monitoring and conducting a periodical evaluation of the Steering Group’s activities.
1.     CA. Priya Bhansali, Coimabatore, Convener
2.     CA. Pooja Gupta, Mumbai, Deputy Convener
3.     CA. Bhavana Doshi, Ex-Officio
4.     CA. Preeti Pradeep Mahatme, Ex-Officio
5.     CA. Khemisha Soni, Indore
6.     CA. Madhu Bala Nahar, Madurai
7.     CA. Pooja Datte, Pune
8.     CA. Anita Pangaokar, Pimpri
9.     CA. Sweta Agarwal, Mumbai
10.CA. Sonu Jain, Kolkata
11.CA. Dipika Kumbhojkar, Kolhapur
12.CA. Manjula Banerjee, Delhi
13.CA. Vibhuti Nayyar, Delhi
14.CA. Renu Ghadge, Delhi
15.CA. Gauri Ahuja,Delhi
16.CA. Aparna Shankaran, Nagpur
17.CA. S. Rajeshwari,Chennai 
CA. Ruchika Bachchani would act as the Secretary to the said group.