Icai election 2015 real mendate from members

AAM CA Pradeep Kumar Jain (Partner) (149 Points)

14 September 2015  
Respected Fellow / Dear collegus/young Members By this Communication I want your kind attention towards following issues required to be addressed for our profession:- 1. CPE Compliance: UPDATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR ANY PROFESSION that's why our leaders thought about CPE concept and implemented as mandatory for all members. But in current scenario it has become hurdle for AAM members and method of (Marketing) for others....In our opinion it should be completely free of charge and easy to access (it should be available on line) so that any member located anywhere can do such compliance and update for coming up-to the expectation of client, Government Bodies, international community and public at large and do justice to professional work. 2. INDEPENDENCE IN AUDIT WORK & EQUITABLE BASIS OF WORK DISTRIBUTION: Unless all audits and other (possible) professional work is routed through empanelment system development of professional approach and independence and transparency in execution of audit work is doubtful. Empanelment system will also ensure equitable basis in work distribution, and there is also need to finish tendering for professional services, because it’s not goods or like that which may be compared on the basis of minimum rate quality of work shouldn’t be compromised just for saving few rupees since in the future society have to pay in multiple of saving. 3. NEW OPPORTUNITIES / IMPROVEMENT IN DEPARTMENTAL WORKING: In our country there is a provision in judiciary system, that after a practice for 10 years ADVOCATES are eligible to become “NOTARY PUBLIC FOR GOVERNMENT.” And are eligible for RJS Examination for being JUDGE directly, On the same line if CA's are allowed to be directly appointed as Asst Commissioner / Commissioner in Indian revenue departments after having experience as CA practitioner for 5-10-15 years, It will be landmark improvement of departmental working, as it will lead to the good decision by experienced and capable person and will cut cost of justice to the NATION 4 HIGH FEE OF POST QUALIFICATION DISA, CCA, IFRS COURSES: opportunity should be available for all members importantly for new members at charges which they can easily bear from their scare resources THOUGH ALL ARE NOT EASY BUT IT'S SURE, NOT IMPOSSIBLE With the unity of each member it can be achieved So I call-upon for active support of each member in this mission to get success in achieving all above mentioned goals. Please Join hands, e-mail TO EVERY MEMBER and tell to your entire known member, specially residing anywhere in CIRC (Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, UP Uttrakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand) REGARDS AAM CA Pradeep (Jain Pradeep Kr. 404107) JAIPUR / NEWAI 9414424285 With this vision, integrity, enthusiasm, & great will power I submit myself for service to ICAI at Central Council so please give your valuable suggestions on this