How to plan ca studies housewife

Mandvi Bajpayee (Article) (46 Points)

13 October 2012  

Hello friends,

I am here to take a proper advice I have done, MBA from Symbiosis University , cleared my CPT & have done articleship in a very reputed CA firm, but due to some problems I have lost  attempts of PCC but I know that I have full potential to clear it. In february 2013 I am getting married but after marriage I want to continue my CA as its my passion & my to be in laws are also supporting me in decisions.....thing is people say "SHAADI ke baad studies mushkil hai vo bhi CA ki to bahut hi" but my firm belief is it totally depends on person's desire that what he/she thinks WHAT U GUYS think? Pls share ur thoughts & give me a practical advice if possible I want few minutes from U guys to advice me some TIPS & PROPER schedule of studies as being very practical after marriage life changes but still with a good balance I m sure will achieve my Goal. At PCC level I have completed all my concepts & having good command on subjects. I

So I have following points on which I want a very practical advice & schedule as I will be able to give atleast 7 hours for studies:

  1. Is course like CA is impossible for married girls?

  2. Pls provide me a proper schedule & tips to clear & study my subjects successfully so that I can balance all things.

  3. Self study or Coaching what will be better option for me is CCI online classes are an effective way to study?

  4. Last but not least some encouraging words as I am very positive towards my decision.

 Thanking you.