How to concentrate when ....

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02 September 2011  

There are lots of techniques to improve concentration like meditation, focus, tai chi  and such more sorts of things. But still for doing all these things we need at least our 5 min of cool and calm mind to do them at best .  no wonder, we almost fail every day to draw out such 5 minutes from our daily routine.

Suppose when even u sit for prayer…your wish list and problem list goes on increasing. In short bhagwan bhi sochta hoga …. “ kya yaar

…kahan tak solve karu iski prob” ok joke apart:/. Be serious from now.

But yeah on the broad lines everyone’s problem is just focused on three aspects :-

How to concentrate when

·         I know I didn’t succeed.

·        I know I am emotionally hurt

·        I know I am financially unstable

 Didn’t succeed è

            Just like the past success inert in our mind, similarly our failure as well. Its difficult to move out from such emotions. Whenever you really want to put your efforts forthwith hard work, your emotions start pulling you back and make you remember of your defeat. And repetition of failure word makes it sorrier.  But always remember that grief comes from heart and logics from mind. Whenever your mind says your defeat was impossible and how could it all happen. Then think for logics and find the loopholes out there.

 Reverse thoughts ç

 Sometime defeats create such skeptics in our mind that we are bound to suspect our own capabilities. We think our efforts can never be up to the expectation of ICAI mark. But I just wanna ask to all those persons do you really think that you deserve another defeat to get succeed .

Just before you think you might not pass or you should try to give next attempt. This time I am not prepared well. Then simply ask from yourself “how much time you really need”

Example +++

Suppose you gave first group exam in May 2011. And you thought you might pass. But you couldn’t succeed, both your total dint got minimum aggregate or failed due to accounts .After announcement of results you feel very disheartened and then you thought to give both groups. But after some days you start feeling “I will give one group only because I have not much time left”


And after so many days your negative thinking led you same way …… “I am still not prepared. Will I pass or not?”







1.      Before you think to give up just think do you really need it ?

2.     How much did you prepared in the other group as well ?

3.     If you failed in one group it doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything.

4.     If days are less then it doesn’t mean you should give up, rather you should focus on this point that you have put so much hard work in this. How can you let your endeavor ended in smoke?

5.     Just make your mind determined ‘ this is my chance and I CAN DO IT”


If you waiting for the right time to come when everything will be fine and when you know each and everything. Then remember that time can’t come .  



Time is not the real limit to describe our potential. Because we can exceed the time from nov to may very easily. But main focus is about  when we really wanna meet success. Wish you luck