How a part-time COP holder can operate ? Looking for detailed advice.

CA Taher Golwala (0 Points)

24 January 2022  

I am in full time employment and planning to start my own office for providing consultancy related to accounting and taxation. Can I do that with part time COP. Can we register our firm with ICAI. Of course part time COP holder are not allowed to do any kind attest function as per The Council 241st Meeting.  

Please share your perspective and also share the guidelines if you have any handy with you.

To be very precise....let me reiterate my question..

1. Can a part time cop holder register his/her firm with ICAI.

2. Can we use the logo and keep the name of our firm like other full time cop holder.

3. What are the other benefits available to part time cop holder.  

Appreciate you prompt response

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