help me,i am in extreme panic and depression!!!

sohan (PURSUING CA) (103 Points)

19 June 2010  

guys, iam in extreme panic now adays and i am losing confidence day by . actually i am 22 years old, i did my 10+2 in science four years back, after 10+2 , i lost two years for medical entrance examinations but couldnot get through. then i joined bacheolar in  IT, but i dropped in third semester , because my mind was diverted to medical field, after that seeing good career in CA , i did CPT, and came delhi with one of my friend,  first month in delhi i was really disturbed, i had repeated headache and diarreia, i could not adjust myself in Delhi, second month i was disturbed by ITT training, from third month i tried to focus in reading, but my roomate and my only friend in delhi left me, coz his mother was expired.  i was really disturbed, i was left alone, i have to stay lonely in room. i had joined toppers institute for all the papers , so i didnt have alternative to join classes individually. Since i was from science background i was lacking in basics in accounts, so couldnot get concepts from chapters of accounts, i missed many classes earlier, so couldnot catchup what teacher told. i always had a fear to do assignments.... i had nobody to ask. no one to discuss.... upto now i had expenses of over 1.5 lakhs,  but had not done anything...... my loneliness in room is killing me, somrtimes i want to suicide coz i lost four years plus i couldnot be able to do anyting....i think i cannot complete my IPCC this way. i can see ray of hope in my parents eye, towards me .... i failed to materialize them, my father is retired from civil service so i am the one to take responsibility of earning in the home and mom is all alone in the home. I want to go back to home and do some other proffesion....... i think i will die..... Does it matters if i leave CA, what option can i excercise?? life is delhi is panicing me day by day.... loneliness is eating me.....