Help For CA Final Group II

Vijay Shah (Audit Manager) (25 Points)

03 February 2011  
Dear Sir,
I am a student of CA Final Old Course. I have not been able to clear my Second Group from last 3 attempts. I fail in aggregate in all last 3 attempts falling short of marks in range of 5 to 10 marks.  I have scored 40,44,46 in MICS , DT 44,49,47, Costing 54,51,49 and in IDT 53,48,52 in last 3 Exams respectively.   
What i understood is I am not able to score good marks in MICS & DT since i am shifting the burden of 06 to 10 marks (Passing marks 50%) of these subjects on the other subjects. I have used Dinesh Madan in 1st Exam but there after I  am using Padhuka for MICS.
Earlier, I have taken leave of 1month for Group-II preparations. It is not possible for me to study in normal working days due to working Hours. I am not eligible and also can not afford to take leave of more than 45 days since my financially i am not well worse. I am the only Earning person in family. This exam will be last chance for me as i will not be able to continue CA after this exams due to financial as well as some personal reasons which are now unavoidable.
Hence, I request you to provide guidance on how to prepare specially for ISCA and also other subjects in New Course so as to get atleast 50 marks and to clear my Group - II.
Thanks & Regards