GST on export of services & RUC

Siddharth Pande (1 Points)

05 October 2021  

Hello everyone! 

This is my first post here, I am a new business owner and my company is into the service of providing branding & interiors to the clients 

Recently, I closed in on a project in Nicaragua and based on my knowledge export of services wouldn't need require GST charges to the client - listing down more info below 


1. It's a partnership firm registered in India 

2. The client stays in Nicaragua 

3. The client will be depositing money from a forex account 

4. The money will be transferred to an Indian bank account 

5. There’s no intermediary involved; I am in direct touch with the client

My questions 

1. Please confirm if no GST is required to be charged 

2. How do i file this transaction on the GST portal 

3. The client has given me an RUC number. Based on a google search i could make out this is related to company identification and taxes in the host country, anyone here has any idea about this? or anything i need to be vary off as to not end up paying out of my project fee. 

Thanks in advance!