GST Invoice amendment issue

Saliq Ansari (CA_Final Student) (885 Points)

23 May 2023  

I had made mistake while filing GSTR 1 the Taxable value was 10000 plus 18% GST total value 11800. But while feeding data in GSTR 1 mistakenly amount put was Taxable value as 100000 plus 18% GST total value 118000, GSTR-1 was filed with this error and excess tax was paid while filing GSTR-3B for that month and client was told that the same will be amended in next month.

Next month GSTR-1 I had made amendment in that invoice reducing its value from 118000 to 11800. 

My query is where could I claim the excess tax difference Rs. 16200/- cause I cannot see this difference amount in 3B of that month


Kindly help me sort out this issue