GST for Youtubers

Bhaskar Dey (Self Employed) (35 Points)

17 May 2024  

I am a retired Doctor. In my spare time in the morning, I create some medical related videos and upload to youtube . From youtube, I earn some money on monthly basis. I am also a regular Income Tax payer. My total income (evening practice and Youtube income) is much below Rs. 20 lakhs. So, I understand, that I don’t have to apply for GST registration and pay GST.

But someone told me that even if your total income is below 20 lakhs, you’ll need to apply for GST LUT ( Letter of Undertaking). Hence is this question.

Do I have to apply for GST LUT? I understand that, there are many experts in this website. Please reply. Please forgive my ignorance. Thank you in advance.