GST for Individual House Construction (Including Materials)

S Mohammed (Works Contractor) (82 Points)

11 May 2021  

I’m a Civil Contractor and I agreed to undertake the construction of an individual house on a turnkey basis (Means both materials & labor) for Rs.1500/- per Sq.Ft and the total area to be constructed is about 2000 Sq.Ft. The plot is owned by the client himself and my job is only to construct a house for him in his own plot.

  1. Now in this case what should be the GST % I need to invoice, my client.
  2. Will I get Input Tax Credit (ITC) for all the materials (Steel, Cement, Paints, Floor Tiles, Sanitary, Plumbing & Electrical Materials Etc…) that I purchase to execute this contract?
  3. If I get the Input Tax Credit (ITC) from the GST department, do I need to return back that amount to my client?
  4. Is there any upper limit to claim the Input Tax Credit (ITC), For example, this work’s total value is only 30 Lakhs (i.e Rs.1500/- per Sq.Ft X Total Area of 2000 Sq.Ft), and what if I claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) of about 24 Lakhs (i.e, about 80% of the invoice value). Is this acceptable by the GST department?