GST Doubts for my new Web Hosting Business

Sohail Ahmed (4 Points)

06 July 2022  


We have recently started a new Web Hosting Business and will apply for GST registration in a few days. I have a few queries related to filing GST for this business. 

  1. We are providing OIDAR services to 80% of International clients. Do we have to show their transactions in GST Report? Or The GST report should be generated excluding them?
  2. We often face Chargebacks or Return orders within 30 days of ordering. How do we deal with them in case the GST has already been filed?
  3. We rent our servers from 3rd Party data centers located in the USA, UK, etc. on monthly basis. Do we have to keep a record of all expenses (paid to international companies) and file them in our GST?
  4. Is it mandatory for us to register for GST even if our turnover per annum is < 20L for Indian Customers?

Looking for answers to my above few queries. Thanks in Advance.