General points for students...

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22 October 2012  


Faith: Develop some religious or spiritual beliefs and be God-fearing. You should always have some moral support over which to lean on, in times of depression and adversity. You should also draw such support from your family and friends.


Relaxation: Learn to RELAX. RELAX to Regain Energy Levels and excellence. There are various sources for relaxation, good music, religious activities, yoga, meditation and the like.


Health: Maintain good health all through the study period. Have regular food and exercise habits. Only a sound body can support a sound mind.


Positive Thinking: Develop a positive attitude towards the course in general. It is not a course where everyone fails in a least one “attempt”. A positive frame of mind is an essential pre-requisite for this course. Such confidence should be built up internally by practice, revision and adequate preparation. It cannot be injected externally.


Office work: CA is one course where theoretical knowledge is combined with practical exposure. Your office work should not be considered as a hindrance to your studies. It is necessary platform for improving your understanding and applying your theoretical learning, besides contributing your interpersonal skills and personality development.


Responsibility: Give adequate respect to your Principle, Seniors, Faculty Members, Teachers and other students in general. Your failure / apprehended failure / poor performance is not their fault; it is our own doing. Shifting the blame for your failure / apprehended failure / poor performance is bizarre as well as childish.


Back to Basics: Start reading each subject from scratch. Over-confidence or “I-know-it-already” attitude is likely to take heavy toll in terms of marks. Take extra caution against unwarranted over-confidence, if you are a graduate.


 Practice: Develop regular writing habit for theory questions.  Take initiative and practice writing theory answers. Writing habit will help you to (a) Improve handwriting (b) Develop speed in writing (c) Fine tune presentation skills.


Use v Misuse: Use computers effectively in order to learn. Do not spend much time with the Computer in the name of checking mail or browsing the net.


Exam Orientation: There is no denying the fact that one`s all-round personality development and updating knowledge is a must. But it is of no use when one learns the latest without knowing how to pass the exams. Be exam-oriented and then equip yourself with the latest and the best.


I-Can-Do-It Approach: Develop a “I-Can-Do-It” approach right from basic things like remembering the points in a particular topic, learning the application of a provision of law or AS etc.