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Advanced Filter - Basics
Advanced Filter - Criteria 
Advanced Filter - Different Sheetvideo

Advanced Filter - Unique Itemsvideo

AutoFilter - Basics
AutoFilter - Filter Text in Long String
AutoFilter - Limits to Dropdown Lists
AutoFilter - Programming
AutoFilter - Protected Sheet
AutoFilter - Status Bar Record Count
AutoFilter - Sum a Filtered List


Bar over character  31-Oct-06

Beyond the Keyboard

Blank Cells, Fill  Video

Blog, Contextures

Book List, Excel 10-Jun-07
Books -- on my bookshelf  
Books -- e-books, Microsoft Office


Charting - Jon Peltier's Site Index
Charting Links 
Charts, Cluster Stack Utility

Christmas Planner 21-Nov-08

Code, Copy to a workbookvideo 12-Jul-09

Coderre, Ron - Sample Workbooks 17-Jul-07 

Column headers show numbers (FAQ)

Combining Data

Comments - Add a Picture video
Comments - Basics
Comments - Change Indicator Colour
Comments - Change Shape
Comments - Copy Text to Adjacent Cell  22-Sep-05
Comments - Extract Text to Word 
Comments - Format All
Comments - Format Text 29-Sep-08
Comments - Insert Selected Picture 28-Jan-06
Comments - Number and List 22-Jan-06
Comments - Printing
Comments - Programming 
Comments - Resize 
Comments - Show in Centre

Conditional Formatting - Basics 
Conditional Formatting - Documentation  07-Mar-05
Conditional Formatting - Hide Cells to Print
Conditional Formatting - Hide Duplicates
Conditional Formatting - Hide Errors
Conditional Formatting - Lottery Numbers
Conditional Formatting - Row  video
Conditional Formatting - Shade Alt Rows  14-Feb-07
Conditional Formatting - Shade Bands
Conditional Formatting - Filtered Bands 23-Feb-07
Conditional Formatting - Coloured Shapes 22-Jun-07

Contextures Blog

Count Cells 


Data Entry - Tips
Data Entry - Fill Blank Cells  Video
Data Entry - Convert Text to Numbersvideo
Data Entry - Increase Numbers by Set Amountvideo
Data Entry - Excel Videos

Data Validation - Basics   video
Data Validation - Combo box
Data Validation - Combo box Named Range  15-Jan-07
Data Validation - Combo box - Click 18-Oct-08
Data Validation - Custom Criteria
Data Validation - Dependent Dropdown- Sorted List 15-Jul-05  
Data Validation - Dependent Lists  
Data Validation - Dependent Lists INDEX
Data Validation - Documentation
Data Validation - Font Size, List Length
Data Validation - Hide Used Items
Data Validation - Input Message in Text Box
Data Validation - Invalid Entries Allowed  updated 11-Oct-06
Data Validation - List from Other Workbook
Data Validation Dropdowns are Too Wide 
Data Validation - Make List Appear Larger
Data Validation - Make List Wider
Data Validation - Messages
Data Validation - Missing Arrows
 updated 11-Oct-06
Data Validation - Order Form  11-May-05
Data Validation - Tips and Quirks updated 11-Oct-06

Dynamic Ranges, Naming 
Dynamic Ranges, Naming with a Macro


Excel 2007 -- Articles List updated  16-Nov-07 
Excel 2010 -- Articles List updated  14-Jul-09
Excel Events  updated
Excel Links
Excel Sites 
Excel Store
Excel Table
Excel Conference, Advanced


FAQs, Excel - Application and Files
FAQs, Excel - Dates and Times
FAQs, Excel - Index
FAQs, Excel - Macros, VBA

FAQs, Excel - Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
FAQs, Excel - Worksheet Functions and Formats

File with that name is already open (FAQ)
File size, large (FAQ)
Fill colour doesn't work (FAQ) 
Fill pattern doesn't print (FAQ)

Filter, Advanced
Filter, AutoFilter


Learn how to create Excel dashboards.


F (cont'd)

Form, Create a UserForm  
Form, Print Selected Items 23-Sep-06
Form, Survey   29-Oct-05  updated 11-Oct-06
Form, Worksheet Data Entry 22-Sep-06
Formatting Tips - Move Toolbar Palettes 29-Apr-08
Formulas visible on Worksheet  16-Jun-07

Functions -- Count cells  
Functions -- IFERROR
Functions -- INDEX   23-Nov-05
Functions -- INDIRECT 11-Nov-06
Functions -- MATCH    Video 
Functions -- SUBTOTAL
Functions -- Sum cells
Functions -- VLOOKUP


GetPivotData   23-Jan-09

Gift Ideas for Excel Users updated 27-May-09

Govier, Roger - Sample Workbooks 18-May-09 

Grades, Convert Percentages to Letter 30-May-09Video

INDEX Function  

INDIRECT Function 11-Nov-06

Keyboard Shortcuts

Macros, Copy to a workbookvideo
Macros Prompt, Enable or Disable (FAQ)video
Macro Toolbar

MATCH Function    Video


Names -- Naming Ranges video 
Names -- Naming Dynamic Ranges with a macro 22-Feb-09
Names -- Use Names in Formulas  17-Jun-05
Navigation Command for Sheets 2007  17-Jul-08
Navigation Toolbar for Sheets 2003

Newsgroup Posting Statistics -- Annual 01-Jan-09

Numbers, Convert Text tovideo
Numbers, Increase by Set Amountvideo 18-May-08

Order Form   30-Jul-05


Paste Values Mouse Shortcut  video 04-Feb-09
PeltierTech - Charting Site Index

Pivot Tables, Beginning (Excel 2007)  
Pivot Tables, Recipe Book (Excel 2003) 
Pivot Tables, Recipe Book (Excel 2007) 

Pivot Tables - Add-in -- Pivot Power    29-Apr-05
Pivot Tables - Add-in - Pivot Play PLUS  15-Mar-08
Pivot Tables - Clear Old Items  video updated 27-Jun-08 

Pivot Tables - Create in Excel 2007  video 19-Feb-09
Pivot Tables - Custom Calculations  07-Mar-05
Pivot Tables - Data Field Layout  video
Pivot Tables - Dynamic Data Source
Pivot Tables - Field Settings
Pivot Tables - FAQs 09-Oct-06
Pivot Tables - Filter Source Data 19-Jan-09
Pivot Tables - GetPivotData

Pivot Tables - Grand Total at Top 15-May-08
Pivot Tables - Grouping Data
Pivot Tables - Layout, Excel 2007 video 04-Jul-08
Pivot Tables - Multiple Consolidation Ranges 
Pivot Tables - Pivot Cache 
Pivot Tables - Printing 
Pivot Tables - Protection   23-Apr-05

Pivot Tables - Running Totals
video 13-Sep-08
Pivot Tables - Select Sections video 31-Aug-08
Pivot Tables - Show and Hide Items 
Pivot Tables - Unique Items
Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart Intro


Queries - Add-in - Pivot Play PLUS  15-Mar-08

Ranges, Naming
Ribbon -- Navigation Command for Sheets 2007  17-Jul-08
Running Totals, Pivot Tables video 13-Sep-08

Sample Data 
Sample Workbooks 
updated 10-Mar-08 
Sample Workbooks (Ron Coderre) updated 20-Sep-07 
Sample Workbooks (Roger Govier) updated 18-May-09 

Scenarios -- Automatically Show   10-Apr-05
Scenarios -- Create and Show   03-Apr-05
Scenarios -- Programming   12-Apr-05
Scenarios -- Scenario Summaries   03-Apr-05

Shortcuts, Keyboard

Sorting a List
Sorting Data -- Programming
The Excel

Sum cells
Sum a Filtered List  

Survey Form   29-Oct-05 updated 11-Oct-06


Table, Excel 21-Aug-08

Toolbar -- Macros  24-Dec-05
Toolbar -- Navigate Workbook Sheets  updated

Topics Index

Trailing Minus Signs

Used Range, Reset (FAQ)

UserForm, Create a   Video
UserForm with ComboBoxes

VBA Code, Copy to a workbook
Video Index
Video Instruction Clips 01
Video Instruction Clips 02
Video Instruction Clips 03
Video Instruction Clips 04
updated 12-Jul-09
Video Instruction Clips 05 01-Jun-08
Video Instruction Clips 06 updated 25-Jul-08
Video Instruction Clips 07 updated 31-Aug-08
Video Instruction Clips 08
updated 30-May-09
Video Instruction Clips 09

Video Instruction Clips 10 19-Feb-09
VLOOKUP function Video


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Friends i am dong my best to provide you as much as i can. Hope you are benefitting from it. I appreciate your comments.

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Nice sir


but pls provide in all formula in xls sheet


 Three Cheers Prakash. Keep it coming. 

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You can directly copy and paste it in excel sheet :)



i couldn't get through the indirect function. plz help me on it...here abc & bcd are the names of the worksheets. if i want d5 from abc & bcd in c column of sheet 1 then how can we do it....i have attached the sheet for reference. my e-mail id is sudhirs21 @ gmail.com.

Sheet 1                                             Sheet 2  (ABC)                          Sheet 3 (BCD)

        A    B     C




Attached File : 5 new microsoft office excel worksheet.xlsx downloaded 137 times


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