Exam time...get ready...


26 March 2014  

As exam time is approaching I
would advise you to kindly
observe the points below:
1. Do think positively as positive
frame of mind is very important
for a good preparation. Always
cheer up yourself.
2. Prepare a proper study plan
and study according to the same.
Unstructured study without
planning is a clog on good
3. Prepare a good revision
schedule and follow the same
strictly. Good revision is a key to
4. Do not change the books and
notes quickly without sufficient
reason. Stick to the notes and
books selected earlier.
5. Also refer ICAI or ICSI study
according to the attempt or
6. Discuss the topics with your
friend for better grip. A healthy
discussion helps you recall
provisions/ contents in a much
better way.
7. In CS and CA scanner plays an
important role. So fully complete
your scanner with the help of
ICAI or ICSI suggested, as the
case may be.
8. During study notes the imp
topic or make short notes. Refer
them later during revision.
9. Prepare short notes for
frequently asked questions and
revise them properly.
10. Have faith in your abilities
and never underestimate your
worth. Keep your confidence
high bcoz self confidence is very
important to succeed in life.
All the Best