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Effective tips to clear ISCA and Infotech of CA


15 April 2011  


This is my simple effort to bring some of the useful exam tips to score good mark with ISCA for Final level and Infotech and SM  I P CC Level.

This is my humble effort to those who are writing I P CC and final exam to give some good input in to System related subjects.

This is mainly target to those who had failed frequently in the above segment and those who have poor exam result despite of their hard work. There are two parts this article contains. First is the preparation part (Before and after) and second is the exam point of view. Even if it is lengthy, but useful.


Before start preparation 

1.   Subject analysis: -

ISCA is a technical paper since the subject is based on the Systems and audit controls. The subject does not have any commerce back ground .The content may be easily forgotten from your brain. Difficult to understand. Some degree of additional care and cautions are required. Be prepared for this

2.    InfoTech segment of IPCC does not have much more problems. Just balanced studies are required both for InfoTech and SM segment. Both the subject does not have commerce back ground. But managable


During preparation  

1.         Good and effective preparation for taxation exam


a) Give more focus towards the conceptual part since it is a technical segment.

b) Never do a by heart studies for this segment. Still we can expect some level of practical questions from this segment. Take pain of understanding the new things

c)   Adopt written mode of studies rather than reading methods. Written means writing relevant key points and not the full content.



You can refer ICAI materials or any other materials



There is no much more complication however, learn by understanding the concepts that will better perform for InfoTech and SFM



Read>> Understand the concepts from technical angle>>Make a good notes of those concepts>> Revise  



2.      Good revision plan


The subject is difficult to remember over a period of time. Make short notes. Keep highlighter and underline the key words. Never carry forward the revision schedule for the sake of other subjects. Effectiveness of this subject will help you a lot to score good mark for this subject.



What you have learned in Sunday must be revised on Wednesday and so on and so forth.




3.   Keep a work book


Keep a Scheduler or a daily work book and fix adaily target and area proposed to be completed within that day. Take an immediate action plan for any deficiency.



4.    Reference book and scanners and suggested answers in tandem. 


Start with reference book and then comes to the past exam question. This Give you an insight to the exam pattern. Exam pattern cannot be predictable.


5.     For IPCC student, give equal importance to InfoTech and SM areas. Never do over concentration on either InfoTech or SFM .


6.   Never add anything new during the last 15 days before exam, rather focusing on what already learned. Now you have only 20 days. This is not for adding rather crystallising the things you had learned over a period of 6 month or One year.


During exam 

1.       Some time the question paper may be tough and may be  a combination of known and unknown segment so never be panic rather, regain your confidence level.

2.       2. When you receive the question papers do the followings

  As and when receiving the question papers read questions carefully and plan the questions which you are going to write. Write the question which you feel good and easy and leave all the toughest question during the Strategic time.

3.   Adopt a good time management strategies. Allocate a maximum time for all the questions. This will prevent you for spending more time in one particular questions.   

4.        Never study half and hour before exam. Make your brain cool and calm. Just read the instructions be mentally prepared for your exam. 

     Good presentation for your exam

         Try to avoid easy type presentation for ISCA and InfoTech and SM.

        It is better to write precise points with good heading and sub heading. But try to write the things in your way have better effect. This will help to get bird eye view to the examiner.

             For all the practical question, Try to correlate with the things you already learned . Try to write it in your own words. Good Introductory statement and good points and good conclusions.



 Classification of exam time

 Classify your total time in to two based on the hardness of your questions. First half can be called normal time and second half is called a strategic time. (In cricket you can compare it with power play).

Start with easy questions (practical) and theory questions first (Normal time) and leave the toughest questions to Strategic time.


e) Attending Full questions without fail


 Try to attend the question that you may be even not know well or not prepared.100% attending all the questions.


Never compare the answer of your friends. 


Also don’t forget to refer this also


Effective tips to Clear audit and law papers 

 Effective tips to Clear accounts, SFM and costing

Effective tips to Direct taxation and Income tax


Wish you all the best

Happy exam writing

CA vivek M

castudenthelpdesk @ gmail.com




 21 Replies

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

Wonderful n useful article with perfect  presentation.


Originally posted by : SAN...

Wonderful n useful article with perfect  presentation.


Replied 15 April 2011

NICE ONE GD                    


keep sharing

Ambika (Student) (142 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

it's good


Well said Sir

Thankyou for giving such a useful tips !!

CA Mohit Thareja (Assistant Manager-Accounts & Finance)   (1117 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

Again a marvelous article........

CA CMA Pratibha Bothra (all india rank 44 CMA FINALS)   (169 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

again a wonderful article.thanx a lot sir

tony matthew (CA in Practice) (611 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011


Very Useful Post at the right TIME

Keep Guiding US  : )

Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

Thanku for sharing Vivek sir.smile. I bookmark this imp topic.smile.
1 Like

Annu (Chase your Dreams) (810 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

ryt post at d ryt tym...

thnx 4 sharing sir...

keep sharing...

Tehsinkhan Pathan (CA CMA DISA(ICAI) B.COM)   (3951 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011

GOOD JOB...............KEEP SHARING................

VERY EFFECTIVE TIPS....................

Tanveer Singh (complicated) (1248 Points)
Replied 15 April 2011


Replied 15 April 2011

Originally posted by : Tehsinkhan pathan

GOOD JOB...............KEEP SHARING................

VERY EFFECTIVE TIPS....................

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